Build a Woodworking Dust Filter Air Purifier DIY 100 bucks | Part 1


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    This is killer man! Nice video and music too.

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    Fascinating video. Lose the music.

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    Awesome video, fantastic thought! I reckon I’ll build one, but not with the ultra
    thick heavy duty plywood :) I’m guessing you build speaker cabinets a lot.

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    you do know that the movement in your tape measure is supposed to be there

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    Seeing this, I am wondering if I can build a “quick and dirty” version of a
    similar filter using basically a box window fan (nearly $20 at a huge box
    store), and duct tape furnace filters on it as needed. I really naughtily need
    such a filter as I have no air filter in my shop yet at all.

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    Nice video. Helped me visualize a similar type I’m about to build- thanks!
    Also makes me realize how naughtily I need to sterile up my shop- you’ve a nice

    2:11 But please consider how close you’re frequently getting your fingers
    to that blade, friend :)

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    Nice video, its you, music and all. Fantastic design. I use a box fan and
    filter and it works OK, but takes forever to cycle the air. I will
    probably build one for my shop. It sounds nosier than I want, but if it
    cycles quick I guess you don have to have it on as much. I wish you had
    clarified the end a small bit more, looks like a sun burst guitar type
    end. Not sure how you achieved that. Thanks 

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    Hey Alex next time use shoe polish on the rim of the head and then push it
    to the wood and there is your mark.

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    The end of the measuring tape moves by design. If you push the tape against
    the wall the end will go in just enough to compensate for the thickness
    of the end. Likewise, if you hook the end on an edge the end slides out.
    This way you can use the same tape to measure distances from inside corners
    or outside corners.


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    Did you use drywall screws there?

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    Hi Alex, fantastic video (both content and production value). Any way I can
    get your Sketchup file? I want to make this for my small workshop. 

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