Home built motorcycle lift table


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    Posted 01/01/2015 at 6:55 | Permalink

    Will that lift a 1000 lbs harley?

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    That’s really nicely built. Hell, I thought it was nice when I thought it
    was just a slightly elevated table to work on the bike. The wench system
    made it way cooler.

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    Terrible ass! Dirt bike dealerships can find wheel bearings and such to pretty
    much any dimension. If you call them with the OD of your bars, you could
    slip some wheel bearings on them and bam, you’ve got roller bearings on

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    You should place some kind of lock to keep it in it up position so u do not
    have to keep the tension on the cable. I would be worried abt the cable
    giving. They are ment to pull not hold

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    That’s cool, but I’d get a power supply to run it off 120 volt…. and place
    a few lock pin positions in, just in case.