Interstate Leather Tall Men’s Basic Vest with Side Lace (Black, XXXXX-Large)


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    Economical vest but the size runs small, November 30, 2011

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    I had previously bought a Diamond Plate vest on eBay, but since this isn’t a review of that, I’ll just say it had a variety of issues. I was relieved though after purchasing this. The leather is much thicker, the vest really smells like leather, and it just seems so much surpass made. It’s not as thick of a leather of some of the high-end vests I see (reckon high dollar ones at the HD shop, etc.), but for the price it’s not terrible and it is certainly a heavier leather than the Diamond Plate. If you are on a financial statement and need a vest, drop a small extra over the eBay specials and get this one and you’ll be pleased. One note though… these do seem to run a small small. I am 6 feet and 245 and I normally wear XL t-shirts and coats. I got the XX-Generous Tall (four buttons) thinking I would buy generous. While the part is fine, with only a t-shirt and the laces with maximum slack it fits about right instead of having the slack I desired. To wear over a hoodie would be tight and to wear over my leather jacket will take some of those vest extender chains. I considered sending it back for a XXX-Generous, but thought it might be too generous on those days I wear the vest over a shirt and opted to just keep this one.


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    Superb Vest Is An Exceptional Value, May 21, 2013
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    Mainly if you consider quality in relationship to price this vest is a sensational value, in fact if I look back over the past 35 years or so it’s one surpass deals I’ve come across.

    Leather unlike any other material only get’s surpass with age. When it comes to say, upholstery for furniture, it’s never going to look as excellent that first day it’s delivered. Whereas leather only improves with time.

    There are a dozen levels of quality with regard to leather. At the top of the line is Full Aniline leather – and costs a fortune. A the bottom rung is Bonded leather which is made from pulverized leather scraps mixed with polymers – it’s dreadful stuff.

    A propos this vest it’s down towards the lower end which is Pigmented Leather. Pigmented leather is ideal for dirt bike jackets, boots and other bike wear. Because it’s so thick and strong, if you ride then you know road burn is the last thing you want on your plate, or back as the case may be.

    Pigmented leather is fantastic for dense dyed primary colors like black. The tanning process incorporates waxes and oils which the affect all they way through. Because this type of leather is usually devoid of the natural grain and imperfections which can include actual branding marks in higher end leather – the leather is pressed after tanning to impart a grain.

    This isn’t inherently excellent or terrible – leather like most whatever thing else should meet your needs. If you’re looking for a butter soft, simple to break in lamb skin vest – this isn’t it.

    If you’re looking for a solid, vest that can take a beating and are willing to wait out the break in period, you’re on the right page and this vest I assure you will not disappoint.

    Quality Touches:

    * Side Steel eye holes

    * Steel flat back snaps – stay closed

    * Re-enforced panels for all snaps and on side lacing

    * Excellent quality lining inside and in pockets

    * Two inside steel snap pockets for wallets, smokes, keys and so on.

    * Classic Americana styling

    * Welting – (folded over leather and then stitched) on seams

    It’s excellent to remember that most all leather clothing runs small. This is intentional. leather has fantastic memory in time it learns every shape and curve of the wearers body. I suppose hence the ancient saying ‘Fit’s like an ancient leather jacket”

    I’m a huge guy and would usually buy a 1X but took a 2X in this cut. It’s snug enough without making my lungs collapse – and when it relaxes should fit just fine. Part is a small small even though I ordered a tall but again, this is subjective in every way. In the scheme of things it’s not an issue. My advice would be to order a size larger than you reckon you might need.

    All things considered there’s fantastic bang for your buck here – it’s a fantastic vest.

    Highly Recommended


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    Sizes WAY off, August 24, 2012
    Huge Vic (Boston, MA) –

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    The vest arrived today, and I have to say, I had a excellent laugh.
    I’m a huge guy, I usually wear 3xl, and 4xl for slightly looser fits. I figured I’d order this in the largest size, 5xl, because leather products tend to run small. It arrived today and it looks ok. Nothing spectacular, the leather’s a bit rough but it looks solid. Decent build. Downside? Doesn’t even fit my dad… he wears L or XL. So a 5XL product does not fit a guy that wears L for pretty much whatever thing. If I place it on, it looks like I’m wearing a shoulder holster for a pistol.

    Like I said, I expected it to run small, but this is a joke. I’d need one literally twice the size. So while the product looks ok, is respectably well build, and probably worth the $54 I paid for it (just barely), I personally cannot rate it above 2 stars. The product itself is about all you can expect from a cheap leather vest, and granted, smaller sizes might be more accurate, but as it stands, it’s worthless to me, and though it provided me with a excellent laugh (somebody probably place that 5xl tag on it as a joke), it’s just not worth the risk.

    If you’re subdue willing to buy this, buy generous. Like I said, my dad could not button the 5XL all the way, and he’s an L, XL for coats.

    I’ll be returning this on Monday. Product shipped and arrived on time, so I’m hoping the seller’s refunds are reliable.


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