Motorcycle Top End Rebuild for Four-Stroke (Part 2 of 2)


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    I have a YZ426. it will not start I have loosen eight times the
    carborator.i cleaned after I got that head loosened to sterile the valves and
    to adjust. I place everything back and subdue can not start please help

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    thanks for uploading this

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    That is the first time I have ever seen someone break the timing chain to
    do a rebuild. I have never done that, and I found it fascinating. I haven’t
    watched the first part of your rebuild video, so I will to see why you
    broke the chain.
    A excellent video, and will certainly be helpful to those who are new to this
    type of work.
    Rebuilding the top end is pretty simple, and I have done a few over the

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    Which chain tool are you using to rivet the cam chain? Thanks for the

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    Dude that 4 stroke engine amazes me, the way they built it and designed it.
    I never seen one on a 4 stroke like it previous to

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    is it doable for me to just buy the piston rings?

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    ok it was simpler than i expected

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    I must say thanks for this useful video!
    How much oil do I have to order to my bike? I have a exc 125 2004. I know
    that the air chamber is 120 mm. Do I need 3 or 4 pieces of 500ml bottle?

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    hi, i opened up my top end and forgot to place it in TDC so when i took the
    piston out the crank turn a couple of times so now i dont what i should do?
    help this lost lad please!!

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    If you have a 400 sxc 2000 and try to follow this video you will most
    likely fail. The main problem is the original oil ring, perfectly different
    design. IT IS EXTREMELY SENSITIVE! Very simple to snap.

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    im 13 years ancient and i want to tackul me crf 250r this winteE is it really
    that many parts that need to come off cuz i never done it befor? plez answer

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    - we lubed the cylinder wall with motor oil.

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    hey i have the same bike and did a top end rebuild and place everything
    together like in the video and it starts and runs really excellent but theres a
    ticking noise in the top end. any thought what it might be?

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    @wq1299 i just did mine it started to loose compression on it’s fourth year

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    I’m not sure on this bike. You shouldn’t have to and it should just about
    be like any other bike. Take out cylinder head and then slide the cylinder/s
    up off and you’re at the pistons… I would suggest investing in a benefit
    manual to complete this job.

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    Hello friends from Rocky Mountain ATV MC, I’m from Brazil, São Paulo and
    also dirt bike mechanic’m here, I have a youtube preside over (vba bikes), like
    many of his videos and try to be organized the same as you guys, thank you
    for the videos and hug here from Brazil.

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    @SoobaaSteve – You need to call a shop in your are to find out. But why not
    do it yourself?

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    ktms are a beeech

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    what caused the hurt? Did u overbore the hurt cylinder?

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    Ha Ha Thanks! 2 Strokes are certainly a small simpler to work on but 4
    strokes aren’t terrible as long as you’ve got the assess tools and you get all
    the steps in the assess order.

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    your CRF is much simpler than this KTM. I really filmed a video on one,
    but never have had time to edit it.

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    You forgot to bleed off the air out of the head.