2005 Honda Rancher Fourtracks TRX350TM Electric Starter Motor Problem


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    make a donation
    are you serious
    its benefiting you not anyone else 

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    Huh, what did we do previous to YouTube? This is exactly what my 2008 Honda 500
    is doing. I figured it was the solenoid under the seat. I’ll try tapping
    the starter tomorrow when it’s not raining. Yes of course it quit while
    meeting outside… Thanks for posting.

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    i got the exact same atv and i wanted to know how mutch pony power does it
    have ?? Please Resolution !

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    The starter brushes are seesing 

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    looks like they all have the same problem, my 4 trax have the same
    symptoms, tks for allotment

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    Thank you so much for the video and the detailed directions. It helped at
    least gave me confidence to work on it myself.
    I tested the solenoid with a plain light tester. one poste always hot the
    other lit up when I hit the start button. went to the starter and when I
    hit the start button I was getting juice the light would go on. (terrible
    starter) I ordered one for 43 bucks and found it quite simple to change out.
    Starts perfectly. Thank you.

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    OH, here’s perhaps a stupid question. Until I get the starter replaced, how
    long can I just keep on tapping the starter with a screw driver? Also,
    mark, I did start mine once via the pull start, but it was not simple

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    Can you subdue PULL START your ATV with a terrible starter?????

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    Unbelievable! The exact same problem suddenly happened with my 2006 Honda
    TRX 350FE–just clicking when I tried to start it. Suddenly started when I
    was grabbing a load of firewood for the huge storm blowing in. I use the ATV
    to plow the long driveway and thought I was screwed. Tapped the starter as
    you suggested and it worked like a charm! Thanks ProWoodman. I hope you
    will receive the same generosity that you have given!

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    Thanks for the vid, we’ve just tried early up my dads TRX300, same
    problem, will not start using push button, makes a whirring noise but
    nothing else. Battery charged. Starts with the kick-start first time. Will
    try your method tomorrow see if it works! Thanks again.

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    Thanks. I have the same RTV and have been having the same problem. Your
    video showed me how to fix it. Thanks again for going to the vex to
    post this video.

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    Thanks man! My dad had a starter problem with his 2005 too, this was

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    Yeah, my uncle told me the same thing after i made this video. He has been
    working on small engines for 40 years.

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    I dont know how you figured it out but you just saved my soo much time
    thanks for the video keep postingg.

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    Glad it helped!!

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    Yeah, when it clicks like that, take something and lightly tap on the
    starter motor. Whatever thing will work, screwdriver, hammer, even a small rock.
    After doing that, if it starts up, your starter is terrible.

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    I agree, plus the time it takes to place them in. I dont know whatever thing about
    replacing brushes in a starter, so i figured replacing the whole thing was
    my best option.

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    thanks but im and idiot and i ruined my other starter

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    starter just needs new brushes man

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    i got a trx250tm recon (2007) and it clicks to , i replaced the battery and
    solenoid and subdue clicks , so i should by a stater i guess

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    Fantastic Video! My 2005 just started doing the same thing. Many Thanks!!!! .

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    my honda rubicon 500 will start up just fine but it wont shift gears, and
    its a eletric shift! any thoughts i reckon its the computer inside it but im
    not sure. @prowoodman

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    Im not a mechanic, i have no thought. I wish i could help. Maybe search the
    web for a local ATV mechanic and see if they can find the problem. It might
    be something small that you can fix yourself.

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    I agree, plus the time it takes to place them in. I really dont know whatever thing
    about replacing brushes in a starter, so i figured replacing the whole
    thing was my best option.

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    Thanks, glad it helped!