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    Posted 04/03/2015 at 7:43 | Permalink

    2004 polaris spotsman 700 twin, do i need to split the engine to change the
    oil seal located on the clutch drive shaft ??

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    What kind of coolant do I need to place in my 700? Does It have to be a
    fastidious type of can I use the 50/50 I use on my car?

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    Posted 04/03/2015 at 9:00 | Permalink

    I have a 2004 sportsman 700. When I turn the key on I get nothing. No
    electronics etc. Battery is charged, run switch is on, no lights no dash
    lights. Someone said to reset the surf but I dont know where that is.

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    @ClymerManuals Could you point to the page or photo in the manual so I
    could see this? The system has to be sealed so it can run at higher temps
    under pressure. That’s why your warmer cap is pressurized. And if it
    overheats the pressure should bleed into the tank/bump.

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    @ClymerManuals sure, in the polaris benefit manual it is D10 the cover,
    thermostat part #5631390. coolant comes out of the center.

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    @ClymerManuals there is no oily resdiue. I had to place all new coolant in
    the warmer. The coolant comes out of the cover that goes back over the
    thermostat. looks like a round vent right in the center unless that is not
    suposed to be there. the atv is a 2005 or 2006

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    @jadawg1973 Not sure what this vent is. The system should be closed,
    without a vent. Any oily mix in the tank?

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    Hello, I have changed the thermostat and thermister sensor on my 700 efi
    sportsman. fired it back up but it subdue gets hot, and coolant comes out of
    what looks to be a vent in the manifold that mounts the hose to the engine
    block over the thermostat. Not sure what else to do.. I know that coolant
    is getting to that area. Any suggestions. The warmer is sterile and no
    obstructions. Thanks,

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    i have the same problem with my polaris 700 i changed thermostate and the
    thing subdue over heats whats the next step

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    i reckon your friend is right, i have the 700 twin and it sounds like it has
    a turbo, maybe trany to check oil level, i place royal puple in mine and its

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    as it should activate the 4×4 because when I activate it when he gets loose
    on the accelerator and brake motor olle crumbled like something?

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    @colt1973black Yes the thermostat could be stuck and causing overheating
    and the coolant to boil out of the tank.

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    @colt1973black Ok, well at least that is where coolant should be coming out
    if it is getting hot. Although your T stat is new, it might be worth
    really testing it. Pull it out and heat it up in a pot of water and see
    if it opens.

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    ok i have a question, i own a 2002 polaris 700 twin and lately it been
    making weird sound when i drive it forward like their was a turbo on a
    engine, but it is not making that sound when i back -up , my friend is
    telling me it is the front clutch doing that ,could it be it,makes a noise
    like a humming sound like you had a turbo on the engine and it’s only doing
    it going forward on high and low , not backward? hope someone can tell me
    what’s incorrect with it, thanks?