How to make your own motorcycle jack


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    +motorcyclelad found a Chinese supplier that has a bamboo develop for .11.
    Works fantastic as long as your bike is really just a bicycle

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    Fantastic if your in a bind but not safe if you take that rear wheel off.

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    too terrible if the side stand folds up as you push the bike , also putting
    idiotic amount of load on the side stand mount most will bend and eventually
    break as its only meant to hold the bike up not the whole weight of the
    bike. no way i could do that with my ktm 525’s shit side stand, be very
    careful using this method don’t have any small kids nearly etc

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    I use a car jack…
    it can’t slip,you rise it as you want ,you don’t even have to touch the
    i can even use it to repair my car too : )

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    Here’s how I did it. Less stress on the kickstand:

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    Wow – just had my bike fall over breaking blinker, brake handle, etc after
    working to prop up on blocks. Wish I’d seen this previous to. BRILLIANT. Next

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    You did that in socks!

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    Pure simplicity. Would of never thought of that.

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    Don’t do this

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    I’d rather buy used stands for $20 and have the peace of mind.

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    The d606 s were fantastic on the trail but once you get on the pavement They
    wear very Very quickly

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    I’ll have to try that for my rear. For the front on my KLR I use a milk
    crate. A real one. Not the cheap plastic ones you get at the office supply
    store. Then I place a 2×4 under it and rest the bike frame on top. Works like
    a charm. I also use my milk crate as a rear luggage box. That way I have it
    with me when I’m out off road, and it holds a bunch of crap too.

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    it’s hard to beat the german 28cm motorrad ständer… but my KLR seems to
    be partial to yellawood.

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    What Tires are those? Mine came with Perelli Skorpions when I bought it
    used. The Perellis are a fantastic street tire that rail corners but, not the
    most confidence inspiring off road.

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    What about the front

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    what kind of exhaust mod do u have?

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    will do! i did the same thing with a 25lb dumbbell in front on the skid
    plate. everyone that saw that pic thought i was idiotic/stupid to balance the
    bike like that but it did work and cost nothing.

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    Fantastic thought!!! Just solved my quandary!! Thank you

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    I saw a German engineered 11inch 2×4 on bikebandit,com for $217.33, though
    is was made out of Dutch Elm, not pine. Is that a excellent price, or should I
    shop nearly for a surpass price? Do the Swiss make a surpass 11inch 2×4? O
    should I go with a Japanese one, since it’s a Metric bike? I just want to
    make sure I’m getting the best parts for my bike. Thanks!

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    IRC GP-1s. fantastic 50/50 tire but they seem to have gone up quite a bit in
    price… i got a set of d606s going on next and i’m looking forward to some
    serious off-roading with them.

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    i really coulda used this when i took my tire off i tried a jackstand and
    dropped the bike a couple times in my shed….i was pissed….thanks for
    this vid because i am cheap haha

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    i reckon dirt bike superstore. HMF brand. no, but i do have the slide
    drilled and one washer under the needle. runs fantastic.

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    I use this same trick—a 1×4 works, as well; I really keep it in the
    bottom of a saddlebag. Excellent stuff!

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