WWGe108 Torin Motorcycle Lifts for Big Motorcycle Bikes


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    Posted 05/03/2014 at 7:07 | Permalink

    No foot pedal to release/lower the bike? That’s a poor and potentially
    perilous design. 

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    You guys have no thought what the hell your doing – The Jack always enters
    from the Right side.

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    Takes way too many pumps to lift that bike up. And having to stick your
    hand in to turn a lever to lower it, not excellent either.

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    Excellent call! Getting the straps out and away from the tank is always a fantastic

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    Really not.

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    cruisercustomizing Part Number: CD-40505 Is a fantastic addition to this product

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    Something i recommend everyone who has one of these or similar, is to place 2
    strong loopbrackets in the ceiling above the bike. One over every wheel.
    Then secure the bike from each side of the handlebar to the front one and
    one round the rear footpegs with excellent qualtity straps. If a bolt is hard to
    get off and you force it really hard the bike WILL wobble, maybe fall of
    the jack. So securing it to the ceiling is a must in my book.