XSports TV: SixSixOne Rampage Knee/Shin Guards for MTB, BMX, Snowboard, Ski


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    The Rage Knees are certainly above boot top level, so no worries there.
    The Rampage Knee/Shin – it depends… They are very likely to proffer into
    your boot top area, mainly smaller/shorter leg sizes.

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    Hi! These videos are extremely informative and helpful. I’m an amateur
    videographer and, although I came here with questions about MTB gear, I was
    just curious what you use to edit these breakdowns? The graphics are sweet!

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    It’s a secret…. No, seriously, it’s a very basic program from Corel.

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    ill get them for unicycling!!! :D

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    Is knee/shin guard too long to fit in snowboarding boots? Even for the
    Rage, I am concerning if it’s long enough to reach the boots and make
    some pressure point. That’s what keeping me buying these guard cuz I found
    nowhere to try them on in CANADA!!!! I like 661’s design, it the most
    gorgeous knees pad I’ve ever seem.