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    The Gun Glyder was designed to give added protection & shock absorption to
    the rifle & scope during transport on a ATV which will keep the rifle
    zeroed. This it does very well! A fantastic many customers also requested the
    simple access.

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    Hi DrBergdahl, I made this video to demonstrate the simple access Gun Glyder
    gives you. Take a closer look at the video & notice that my finger is not
    on the trigger when the shot is fired. We added the shot sound during the
    editing process. Laws vary in different countries & states. What may get
    you place in jail in one country may not in another country or state. Thanks
    for watching the video & your comment!

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    So what if you really spurt or not? The design of the product is
    obviously to facilitate the function that you are demonstrating: That is to
    hunt from a vehicle, a disgusting practice. Laws in different states and
    countries simply reflect the moral of the people in that same community. In
    a democracy the people make the laws. I am proud to say that I respect the
    game that I hunt and that what you are simulating is a felony in my
    country. You sir should be ashamed of yourself.

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    Hunting american style I guess?