SolidWorks tutorial: ATV handlebar


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    Exceptional. I have been looking all over the internet for information
    a propos butted tubing and I have not come across a release resource. I’m
    trying to get into bike frame design and I want to run statics on a
    finished develop. The problem is that most of the online tutorials are crap
    when it comes to designing a frame and all assume straight gauge tubing
    which is useless for statics analysis. Could you please help me with how to
    develop butted tubing and miters. Thanks.

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    start a new part-file and make an axis between all of the 3 planes. then
    save this as a part template. – then they will allways be there when you
    start a new part.

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    thanks very much !

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    Fantastico tutorial,muchas gracias y saludos

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    Thank you very much.

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    How can I place those x,y and z axises in the beginning?