Bell Rogue Helmet Review at Competition Accessories


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    I really want this helmet. I wish I could afford it. Every time I go to the
    dirt bike shop I stop and wish for it.

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    Shut up and take my MONEY!

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    Hmm… our rep really picked his sample up already so I can’t check for
    you, but from what I remember it might be a small trying to get them
    off without leaving a mark on the helmet…

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    Man it perfectly depends on the mood and the bike I’m riding. I’d have no
    problem rocking the Rogue nearly town. For longer trips and colder weather
    I’d take the modular though.

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    The muzzle needs to be hard mounted and be of solid construction like The
    Goose’s helmet in Mad Max

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    Fantastic video, small and informative.I ride an 05′ Sporty year round in FL,
    and prefer a half shell for the look and feel on everyday rides. The
    skill to add protection features given the ride is a nice touch, just too terrible
    it wasn’t nearly when Santa came by. The price tag is reasonable given all
    you can do with it, and the flat gun metal scheme is right up my ally. Tax
    returns are right nearly the corner, lets just hope these politicians left
    enough for us small guys, thanks.

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    thanks that was really helpful

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    can you wear this in hot weather?

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    To go with a helmet like this, I prefer riding glasses that have a bit of a
    foam surround. Regular sunglasses can subdue allow a lot of wind to get to
    your eyes, along with dirt, bugs, etc. Goggles can seal up pretty well, but
    that really depends on their size and how well the strap runs nearly the
    sides of the helmet (strap is just one more thing to deal with). I have the
    Bobster GXR glasses – search for those on our site. They convert from
    glasses to goggles so you can try both ways.

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    I know this is a stupid question but I’m a new biker. I just bought a 2002
    Suzuki 600 and want to know if its ok to use this helmet on a ninja bike.
    Does anyone know if its ok if I use this type of helmet

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    Tried this over the weekend, as I was looking to supplement my FF helmet
    with summer open one. It was marked down to $199 at my local dealership,
    not a excellent sign. The helmet is huge, but then again most Bell seem to have
    a generous shell. The face mask brushed against my nose and even taking out
    the slot in, did not find it comfortable. Without the terrible ass looking face
    mask, it looks silly. I looked in the mirror and was staring at an extra
    from Hogan’s Heroes. Place it right back on the shelf.

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    I want to see Bell make a rigid-front helmet with this same

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    Real shame they didnt make it so it would offer some reasonable impact

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    Thanks for the quick answer and info! It does look alright. I can’t wait to
    see one in the wild.

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    I would like that design but full faced helmet, with the magnetic clip on
    being a permanent chin protection, its so hard to find a full faced helmet
    for a cruiser

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    Thanks a lot bro.

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    First of all, no question is stupid – second, do you ride a suzuki or a
    ninja, this might truly affect the outcome of your question here. heh just
    messin with ya. I say be yourself. We have seen customers on all different
    kinds of bikes riding in these. Having said that, I’m a full face helmet
    kind of guy – so that’s what I would recommend. The Bell RS-1 is pretty

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    Hi Ferhat. We can ship overseas but international shipping unfortunately is
    not free. When you stay our website and select the products you want, just
    select your country and it will provide you with a shipping quote. Thanks!

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    One this I disliked about this helmet is the price. $250 and you get
    roughly the protection of -may be- a 3/4 helmet. So, paying about $150-$175
    extra just for the looks worth it?

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    Warmer than a shorty helmet for sure, but not nearly as warm as a regular
    full face or modular helmet. A lot of air is subdue going to get in nearly
    the eyes with the Rogue. But if you’re used to an open face or shorty style
    helmet this should be an improvement.

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    Sure you can – although it doesn’t look nearly as cool without the muzzle,
    and the helmet itself does not have any vents. So it’s not going to be as
    functional as a helmet with plenty of ventilation.

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    I ride a 11 street bob. I’m torn be twin this and the bell gun evo
    modular. I got apehangers on my bike. And I fill with the modular I’m gonna
    look weird not that I should when it comes to my protection but don’t know what
    to do. What do you guys ride and wear? .

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    Not really… probably surpass than nothing, but the way it attaches to the
    helmet precludes it from provide any real impact protection. It’s mainly
    for cold weather comfort and protection from road debris, bugs, etc – oh
    and the look – can’t forget that ;)

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    Anyone road test this yet? I’ve read and watched quite a few review but
    none of them deal with road testing it. How terrible is the pullback from wind
    shear? Is it like most shorties? Are you going to get massive neck muscles
    from trying to hold your head forward at highway speed? All my questions
    are directed at riders without a windshield of course.

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    how does it feel wearing riding glasses versus goggles? which would you
    recomend wearing while riding?