Home Brew Motorcycle Tire Changer Idea


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    Personally i would be very pleased to have that crap meeting in my garage
    ha … i spotted an mg midget and an xs 650 for starters

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    fantastic thought I like it , Can you show me how you broke the bead?

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    I don’t know why you BOTHERED posting something UNTRIED! This will
    not work because your “post” is not sturdy enough by being screwed into
    that small 5/8″ nut. A WASTED $7.00 if you question me….your time may be surpass
    spent learning to weld than making useless video’s. 

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    Very nice very & smart. I like it and would make the same for me. Thanks!!

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    It’s an earlier Yamaha XS650 wheel. They had the ribbed rims like Akront
    dirtbike style called ‘rain catcher’ rims.

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    what bike is that wheel of?

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    Reckon this is pretty awesome. I tried changing the tires on my KLR without
    a jig and I’ll never do it again! I was thinking that instead of going all
    out and bolting it to the floor, it would be simple to bolt it to a cut of
    plywood that’s generous enough to stand on while you work. Your body weight
    should be enough to keep it stable.

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    I chose to bolt this to the wall because it serves the dual purpose of
    holding dirt bike wheels subdue while removing tires as well as a place to
    hang the air hose for my air compressor.

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    @earzcd It should be OK. If you lubricate the bead with soapy water, it
    should peel off without bending your spokes. Normally I could use spoons to
    take off the tire with the help of another person holding the tire subdue.
    So it’s not a huge amount of stress on the spar.

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    Very cool. Two doable changes, or modification I’d suggest. Weld about a
    six inch cut of heavy angle steel centered on the bottom of the wheel.
    Then, if you have a generous vise mounted on your work bench, you can simply,
    and straightforwardly mount the whole tire change unit in the vise. Second, slide a
    generous washer down the center shaft (generous enough to completely cover and
    protect the center hole in you MC wheel), then screw down your domestic
    tool that screws onto the center rod. I like you changer.

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    you are way too handy, man :)

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    Dirt bike stores sell the spar weights if you question them nicely. But, I
    buy stick-on wheel weights at my car parts stores and use those on the rim.
    It doesn’t look that fantastic, but I can dial it in exactly on my balancing

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    I like the way you fab’ed this up, Do you know where to buy spokes weight’s
    at…Thank’s, yl

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    Why the hell would anyone vote this down?! Excellent job. Thanks for allotment ;^)

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    @transdetendal Yeah, the trick is to bolt the car wheel to the ground, a
    workbench, or a picnic table. That way you can really get after the
    dirt bike wheel with the tire remover/installer bar. Honestly, since I
    made this thing I’ve not used it. I’ve had decent luck with excellent ol tire
    spoons and soapy water since all of my stuff is tubed wheels rather than

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    canged it on my cb 400f from 77 it took me bout a hour or more WITH a pro
    set up for hand changing but te tire was rusted on the rim bead he he.
    reckon your setup is fantastic but nuthing to hold it steady if you get the same
    prob i had. thumbs up

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    I made a similar scheme after my local Bike shop said they didn’t change
    tires any longer !! I welded the wing nut to the instrument on top and a huge
    washer on the bottom ,then I welded some 2 inch tubing so it inserts in my
    trailer hitch just to hold it surpass wile working on it . but excellent job on
    yours !

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    @luketrash yea iguess your right , i used the same method ,it seemed more
    like it could be don that way instead of the “pro way” just too much
    hassel. is yours the 350 2cylinder you uploaded?

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    Pretty damn smart kid, also excellent no nonsense video.

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    Fantastic job, I might built one of these

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    Looks excellent man. I’m plotting on making one like this. Do you see any
    problem with putting that much stress on the spokes with the “stop” rod
    that is welded to the wheel?