How It’s Made-Air Filters


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    How It’s Made-Air Filters

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    I want to know what is the polyurethane who give that quality?????

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    Facinating seeing automatic machines.

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    dirty work under the hood? thats what she said

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    @dirkaltman now there’s something I’d watch hahah koko

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    fuck all that, keep it unadorned, just use a damn paper towel…

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    đe je merda da vidi ovo haha

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    @ngage33 to expensive

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    Aside from that though I have always used paper elements cause of the low
    cost compared to the life time filters like K&N. But now with this car
    having low hood clearance I need to get as much airflow as doable out of
    the smallest package.

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    No Quality Control step, eh? Figured.

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    They need to do How It’s Made How It’s Made ! aww yes

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    @Milner62 NO. Oil bath filters are unquestionably dreadful for filtering, they
    are not NEARLY as efficient at trapping dirt as a paper filter. And cotton
    gauze is also pretty terrible. PAper filters are best at filtering air.

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    lol FRAM….

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    long ass intro!

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    why not build home walls like this

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    @Milner62 Yes but the develop T engine was vastly simpler. They also had much
    larger clearances and higher tolerances than bestow high tech engines. They
    also didn’t care about oil consumption. Dirt scores cylinders and rings,
    and over time increases oil consumption. Except in performance
    applications, filtering skill is more vital than flow.

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    @billayles reckon of the workers that have to babysit those machine all day,
    question them if they’re “fascinated”…

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    Now about making more power without a filter thats a myth. I could place a
    new aircleaner on my car and take it off and regardless it will make the
    same power. Its when you take off a ancient clogged filter that you make more
    power. an engine is only going to pull in as much air as the engine is able
    to. Which is why I was looking at K&N for my kitcar I have limited room and
    can only run a 14″ dia x 3″ tall filter so I need their filter lid to
    supply the engine with enough air.

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    this ladie usually never does it

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    Up next on How It’s Made: Babies

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    I went cheap and bought a paper filter. To my shock, mine was made with
    pure cardboard. WTF….

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    Fascinating video. Too terrible the video is incorrect though on paper filters.
    They are not excellent. A oil bath filter is simmilar to the cotton gauze life
    time filter that you have to sterile and spray a oil film on to sterile that is
    surpass than these toss away paper filters but yet a oil bath filter that
    has pony hair and motor oil filters the air way surpass and you get way
    surpass air flow and gas miliage over paper or cotton gauze.

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    @rudolphna54, In the end you dont need to filter out every last particle.
    From how I am reading your comment you are under the belief that you need
    to filter as much out of the air as doable which just isnt right. The
    Develop T 4cylinders were bullet proof engines and just ran for ever and got
    fantastic gas miliage but they didnt have an aircleaner at all.

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    @xxXpitboyXxx Haha