How to Restore Faded Plastic Motorcycle Fenders (For free)


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    How about sanding it with fine grit sand paper 320/400 an then heating it
    up an polishing Just wonder how that would work ?

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    does the plastic become more brittle after using the heat gun on it?

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    Do u see scratches on the bike after ur done

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    Your a genius!!!

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    To prevent whats left of your fender becoming oxidized like it was previous to,
    remember to regularly polish it with wax or something surpass like 303’s UV

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    So I have a million dollar question. What if you own an R6, that is white
    but the head fender is early to turn yellow? I like my bike and even
    though this method seems to be an outstanding way to do it, I just feel a
    small insecure to apply it. Buying the part would cost me $454.58 and not
    only that, but this was a limited edition affect so I wouldnt even have it
    in white but rather in blue, red, yellow or silver and also if I were to
    paint it, then I would have to paint the whole bike to make an even affect.
    So Im pretty much screwed. Any suggestions? =(

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    my cr125 was spray painted by the person who owned it previous to me. I started
    scraping and I saw a layer of primer and then a layer of dark paint that
    doesn’t look like honda’s factory paint. I’m trying to get the honda
    factory red on it 

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    I have heard of people using a similar heating method on acrylic, but I
    never would have thought it’d work so well on something like this. It’s
    like a groundbreaking new bike!

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    dear god this worth 30 euros just go and buy a new one

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    Can you respray plastics such as these? I’ve been told that paint won’t
    stick to these types of plastics even if you sand them down and prime them.

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    This works but not on paint (I reckon spray paint) any tips

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    buy a $20 fender

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    Oh sure this works wonders even though u reck ur fucking plastics. Buy new
    ones u cheap bastard there to far gone u can’t renovate them. U can just
    take the razor and try and sterile ur nuts with it also after place some
    rubbing a call on it nestores ur nuts in seconds
    Don’t listen to dipshit and just buy new plastics in there not save able 

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    Holy shit, that noise is torture.

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    any one know how to fix a fender after crashing into a tree XD?

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    Couldnt you just wet sand this? just asking………but nice to know how to
    do it lmfao

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    A much surpass way of renewing plastic is using a soft cloth to apply and
    take out a mixture of 60% paint thinner and 40% boiled linseed oil. You’ll be
    amazed at the result.

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    U can use 60% paint thinner with 40% boiled linseed oil and just wipe on w/
    cloth just wear rubber gloves

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    Yep, that’s the way I do it and when I’m done it looks just like new.

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    Is that a yamaha dt 250

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    use 60/40% mix of paint thinner and boiled linseed oil works a lot surpass
    and much quicker to do

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    Hey save time just sand and heat up

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    If you want to avoid the risk of melting your fender, high grit sandpaper
    followed by buffing compound should work too.

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    Sterile it, prep it, paint it with adhesion promoter, then a clear coat to
    protect it from sun hurt again.