How to reupholster an atv seat


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    Excellent job bro i learnt alot .gotta do my trike seat

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    damn excellent job on the seat and the video. very informative and visibly

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    hEY man, that was awesome i luv dat’ classical stuff on der’ it really
    brought the video together. my hoss is a suzuki z250 i need to redo my
    seat. thankx man, you relly helped me out, thumbs up dude

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    Excellent luck a.nd thanks

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    I was trying to do mine without the spray glue, and it was dang near
    impossible. The spray glue really makes it work excellent. It’s like having an
    extra set of hands to hold it in place.

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    This is my scheme for tomorrow. I sew regularly and this is my first
    upholstery job. I never would have thought about the spray adhesive. Thank
    you! I also agree that the quick forward part was awesome.

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    I had no clue when I first started. You wanna fix it, but you don’t want to
    mess it up more than it already is. It is a bit intimidating. I am glad
    that my video helped. Thanks for watching!

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    Outstanding, that really looks fantastic, and fantastic tips, who says a 68 year
    ancient man can’t learn something from a youngster LOL Thanks!! now to redo my
    polaris 300 xplorer seat.

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    That was sweet thank you for the tips I need my bayou redone my seat that
    was awesome

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    The quick forward part was so amusing. Nice job!

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    i am redoing a mini bike harley davidson dirt bike using a 49cc motor its
    was given to me in rough shape i am restoring it and its seat was in need
    of major surgery it was really in so terrible of shape that you couldnt even
    call it a seat i place on a cover on it but was nothing like the one you did
    using the spray would help nice job with it…. this is my first seat to
    redo so hopefully it will come out the way you have it done fantastic job

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    thanks. thought that would make a few people chuckle.

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    Awesome job. I know everyone should know how to do this kinda stuff, but it
    is kinda intimidating when you’re not sure exactly what to do. Your video
    helps show step by step. I’ve got three seats to do… I start tomorrow.
    Thanks for your video and help!

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    Excellent video man just ordered a new seat cover for my Honda 300 gonna use ur
    tips to replace mine, might make a video of it too, i got u subbed

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    Thank you!

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    I bought an electric staple gun and it won’t go into the Plastic. It won’t
    drive a staple into the plastic of a Suzuki LTZ250. WTF? How can you use a
    hand stapler when an electric stapler fails?

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    Holy crap. How many staples were harmed in the making of this video?

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    nice work man

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    Thanks for watching & commenting. Hopw your seat redo goes well.

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    All set!!! My seat is 23 years ancient and the pan s cracked up. Can’t even
    imagine doing this without the spray glue. It came out fantastic and the seat
    now fits back on the 4wheela and even clips on now! Likely from not being
    distorted by the ancient cover! Thank you so much!

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    Alot. Haha. Some of em didnt go through the plastic so they had to be
    thrown away. If I had an air compressed stapler I wouldnt have had so many

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    Smack dab in the midst of doing mine… Got it peeled but now it looks like
    I gotta get spray glue and hit the dryer! Awesome video!!!

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    Fantastic Video Kaleb! I’m going to try this on my quad and my snowmobile. How
    is your seat holding up?