How to Wire an Electrical Panel – Square D


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    So many things incorrect with your work, you must be an apprentice lol. Feeder
    cable not dressed properly, no benefit loop and hitting lug on an angle. 2
    neutrals under one screw (there’s lots of screws why not use them). You
    tighten screws with a drill? Always by hand!!! 

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    Man the feeder terminations on those lugs are terrible. You need to learn to
    bend the wire surpass or loop it into the lugs so you don’t have that much
    stress on them.

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    For anyone looking at your Load Center at home, please stop by your local
    Hardware store and pick up a ‘How to’ Book based on the National Electrical
    Code, most recent version. Once you know, please call an ancient Electrician
    who has done this for a few years. Call and/or go meet your city’s
    Electrical Code Checker at City Hall. You will be very glad you did.
    Fantastic Guys.!

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    Gorgeous work sir!

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    I would fail this panel, and his rough in inspection. 2 Neutral conductors
    under one screw, no bushing on the benefit wire,termination incorrect,
    Smoke detectors should be on with a bedroom path. Cables not properly
    supported, 8 inches for the connectors your using, no more than 1/4″ of
    sheathing allowed in the panel….go back to school.

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    not sure about the NEC but in the CEC (Canadian) your NOT aloud to result in
    conductors through the benefit part of that combination panel. If it was a
    load center it would be alright.

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    Hello Ryndon Ricks, this video teaches a lot and learned a lot, did all the
    electrical work in the basemen and now need a person certifying that the
    work is well done and completely finished, do you have any thought how much
    that would cost?I need someone to help me!

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    slightly different to uk, we have 3 period conductors one neutral and an
    earth which we sleeve with pvc sleeving, also if we have a live in way one
    on the board the neutral of that path goes to way one on the neutral bar
    same with the earth of that path.

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    Wow american make very simple electrical wirings, here in mexico are a pain,
    excellent job

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    very excellent demo, keep going, man, thanks a lot.
    also thanks all those experts’ comments, you are unquestionably right..

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    That my friend is a “Load Center” not electrical panel that is the outside
    finished cut.

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    The inhibitor is used to prevent aluminum oxidation, the accumulation of
    which inhibits conductivity. While I use it, it is not an NEC requirement.

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    wire ferrules are missing on main cable

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    12/3 on smoke alarms?

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    Impressive ,Clean & Safe….I just loved your wiring and presentation on
    Video .
    You like your work and it shows huge time.
    Type in Test of a 6 V Starter ..and check out my vids..

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    As an Australian electrician, its fascinating to see other countries
    electrical installations. The terrifying things are bare, solid earths, as
    opposed to insulated stranded. No correlation between the earths, neutrals
    or the actives, terrifying Only a two period supply as well. I presume a Arc
    surf is a Outstanding path surf or what you call a Ground Fault
    Path Interrupter?

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    Why you use that kind of wire…
    Try find any thought or wire that so simple to installed ( work less)
    You need to to arranged wire.. 

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    This is wonderful work thank you

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    I just picked up a Siemens Main panel from Home depot and noticed a ground
    strap connected to the neutral bar that runs back to the meter.Should that
    strap be removed?
    Otherwise both the neutral from the meter and ground are connected to the
    box. Seem to defeat the purpose of isolating the neutral. I have read that
    a SUB panel needs to be isolated but unclear about the main panel.Thanks

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    Terrifying! It’s perilous to instruct others when you don’t know what your
    doing yourself.

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    Fantastic Video

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    Thanks for making the video. I know you get a lot of critical comments,
    but it seems like most of them refer to items that vary based on local
    codes. I work in high voltage substations, and I bet most electricians
    would have a field day criticizing some of those installations.

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    Fantastic to see no 14 in the job. Just remember everyone was green at one
    time. I tell lots of younger guys this all the time. 50 years in the