Leatt STX Neck Brace Review at RevZilla.com


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    Jason needs to smile.

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    @1775edde yes it will, i got one for motocross and downhill mountain biking
    and i’ve had some seriously nast crashes with it on and me and the brace
    were all excellent to go :), i spar to the guy who was working at the mountain
    rescue at fort william (one of the toughest downhill mountain biking world
    cup courses) and he told me they have never had a neck injury with a rider
    waring the brace

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    I tried this brace when it first came out. The Revzilla review helped me
    know the product well. After using it for a week or more, I just
    couldn’t get it to fit right and it was not transparent enough to wear
    daily. I tried everything I could to get fit right. The largest size might
    have helped, but at the time it wasn’t available. That said, I believe this
    is a fantastic product, it could be less expensive, but most importantly, fit
    riders surpass.

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    Wish Simoncelli was wearing one.

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    jason never blinks ^^

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    Guys, please, make a review of a Leatt Body Protector Adventure (full
    pressure suit). There isn’t a release review on this unit currently. Thanks.
    BTW your reviews are the best. ;)

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    More and more street riders are using the neck braces on road. I would say
    it is a private preference if you choose to wear one or not. Leatt and
    MOVEO are 2 brands to check out. They are about as expensive as a quality
    helmet. ~Ali

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    @RevZillaTV hey. does this Leatt Neck Brace dramatacly increases my chances
    of surviving a serious neck injury??

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    I like whatever thing that gives me more protection. I found out about this brace
    from Revzilla =). I’ve been using it for about 4 months. This brace is
    fantastic. It is comfortable, straightforwardly adjustable and interfaces with other gear
    honestly well. There are a couple of things to note. I have a Sena com unit
    for one of my helmets and it does not work too well with the brace. This
    doesn’t interface well with Dainese Thorax Wave Pro which is quite
    awkward because both of them are phenomenal by themselves.

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    At 6:52, we mention that the height of the thoracic can be adjusted. This
    is incorrect as ONLY the angle of the wedge can be adjusted. Sorry for any

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    Yes, the two products are compatible. There is lots of info on ADVrider
    about combining the neck brace and the BMW Enduro helmet. ~Ali

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    Thank you for the video suggestion. We’ll see if we can get our hands on
    one for a review. ~Ali

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    wooooowww my wife bought me this product and this exceptional already not I
    can handle my bike without the

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    Ditto on the previous Request.

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    I just bought one after trying it out at a trackday, the way the seller
    clarify to me is that they are like shoes and will fit to your body surpass
    over time, and it will not go nearly once broken in. Until then, they
    come with straps, that go nearly your armpits, if you have those on they
    don’t go nearly.

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    press 6 repeatively for neck brace p0rn

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    its as if jason is staring at megan fox’s tits.

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    For the record, we said clavicle and meant trapezius muscle when referring
    to the bottom of the table and the 10mm removable pads. It was a long day
    of shooting… :-p

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    @RevZillaTV :) the clavicle is a bit small (and quite useless) :P

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    If you’re doing the majority of your riding on street, I would suggest the
    STX. It’s lower profile allows for a greater array of motion for
    head-checks. If you will primarily be using it for off-road / adventure
    riding, then you can save the $100 and go for the ADV version. ~Ali

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    can you use it for motocross

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    The Leatt neck braces work well. The neck brace is designed to reduce
    spinal compression in a blow. ~Ali

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    @revhead9827 Both!

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    I got one too (the KTM version) and use it off road. Fits exact, much
    surpass than the adventure!