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    I have a question I have Dunlop 235/50R18 what size rims will fit please

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    I wanna place 33/12.50/17 tires on my truck but dont want them too rub … do
    I need a offset on them or will they subdue work as long as I subdue use a 17
    inch rim or will it require a wider rim.thx

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    Hi I have a 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 and I am buying 17×9 fuel criminal
    wheels to mount my 285/70 R17 Nitto Trail Grapplers but I don’t know which
    wheel offset and whatever else to fit properly.

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    Hi yellownp22541, We have a lot of questions for you! Can you give our tech
    department a call? 1-330-630-0240.We look forward to your call. Thanks for

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    Thank you for the fantastic video, I know I have found the place that will have
    some answers for me. I ‘ve a 1989 Toyota Celica which came with 13″ tires,
    which seemed to have disapperared from the face of the earth, so what wheel
    package can I upgrade to, keep in mind I have the legendary 4X100 bolt
    pattern. Second how much will the upgrade cost and what is the availability
    of it. Are deep dish wheels a thing of the past as well? Thank you once

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    Hi Ariel, We need some additional information from you. Can you give our
    tech department a call at 1-330-630-0240? Thanks for watching!

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    My question is I have a 1994 mustang gt With stock wheels and 4.10 gears
    And I am looking for new rims/tires I was looking at 255/40r17 front
    275/35r17 rear Or some people said 255/40r17 front 275/40 r17 rear What do
    you suggest looks best and would work best? Extra info The car is a daily
    driven car From texas stock suspension for now And what rims do you suggest
    with the car? The affect is teal and dark window tint Financial statement doesnt matter
    for now

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    how much larger can i go without loosing performance (acceleration,
    handling, breaking)