Motorcycle Lift Comparison


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    Very excellent review of bike stands for huge touring bikes. 

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    Excellent stuff

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    I struggled with deciding between the J&S and the Pitbull. But in the end I
    got the J&S. After watching this video I’m convinced I made the right
    choice. I can go my Roadking and my Ultra LTD nearly my garage very
    straightforwardly. Makes washing and detailing much simpler.

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    If you want to see a real ATV Lift then check out the RAZTECH ATV LIFT !!!!

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    Comparison?? Ad for JS. Where is the craftsman? These are not the top 3.
    Not saying JS is not a excellent jack but this is a perfectly biased comparison

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    This was a commercial for J&S Lifts. Obvious commercial is obvious. 

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    over 20.000 for the harley dresser?
    mann a small high.
    but a nice bike though.
    im debating between a harley sprster, and a brit bike like a triumph.900
    trident. and and other lighter jap bike.

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    visibly looks like you wanted j&s jack to win previous to you started even if
    the others are not as excellent.

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    The J & S is a damn fine jack and worth every penny. Get the yellow one if
    you want. It’s your gamble.

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    I’m looking for a lift and doing my research. Any person have any experience
    with the Harley Benefit Lift #92900004. Wondering how it stacks up to the

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    Too expensive imho….399.95

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    No thanks for price of a these jacks you can get a decent lift table.

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    I just ordered a J&S Jack. I have the Harbor Freight jack and I’ve used it
    to lift my 2011 Street Glide. But, it’s very flimsy and the bike
    wobbles nearly like idiotic. I always worry when I really wrenching on the
    bike. Plus the slow let down quit working and now the bike just slams down,
    which can be very terrifying. It just doesn’t seem right to lift a $20,000 bike
    with a $60.00 jack.

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    1. The Pit Bull has too generous of a base, and in the video it is shown as a
    flaw. With a longer wheel base the Pit Bull tends to flex under load and if
    moving the bike or not this makes it less stable. 2. Again with the larger
    trace of the Pit Bull, the jack sticks out nearly the bike making it
    harder to work up close to the bike. Also this makes for a terrible situation if
    you don’t have much room to maneuver a generous trace jack nearly. 3. The
    Pit Bull doesn’t go as vertical as the J&S jack.

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    HF may crank out a lot of junk. But this lift ain’t one of them. The only
    POS here is the comparison.

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    glad i watched this video previous to i wasted money on that yellow lemon lift.
    dropping my dyna would ruin my day. thanks.

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    the late develop lowriders are a small different. the trans is below the
    frame and must have a wide space between the cross members of the lift for
    clearance. only the pitbull models will clear without an adapter. damaging
    the trans is another day-ruiner.

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    $400 for the J&S is small indemnity when your lifting $10K-$30K worth of
    bike. This video shows the real value of high quality engineering and
    manufacturing processes.

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    This review should have been called why you should buy a J&S lift and not
    the others! Give me a fucking break! I have owned my $79 Yellow Harbor
    Freight lift for 3 years now and it’s paid for itself 10 fold! Harbor
    Freight may have a lot of crappy stuff but this lift has saved me a shit
    load of money! I hope J&S paid you well for this shit comparison!

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    This also puts more stress on the base of the Pit Bull causing it to flex
    more. 4. In the video seeing the three jacks side by side it is simple to see
    which jack is the surpass built and designed jack. 5. The J&S jack is less
    expensive than the Pit Bull, I assume due to the smaller trace which
    means less material required to build the jack. This video made my choice
    to order a J&S Jack and attempt to cancel my Pit Bull Jack order.

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    LMAO harbor freight looses again. POS

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    I have to agree. I have been using my yellow lift for over six years with
    no issues. Best $45 ever spent on a jack. (50% off sale!) I noticed they
    didn’t try pulling the load across the uneven floor. And it wasn’t because
    of the instability. It’s because it works. The cast iron wheels won’t wear
    out on the yellow jack like the plastic ones will on the other two. And my
    bike at the time was a 77-FLH. No mention of the “5-position” locking
    mechanism on the yellow jack?

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    I’ve used the HF one to lift all my full dress Harleys. Is it a bit flimsy?
    Yes. Does it lower the bike too quickly? Yes. Did I get to spend the other
    $300 on some new tires instead of sending it to J&S? YES! All three of
    these jacks have tie-down loops and not one was used in this video. Moving
    an 800lb bike while it’s JUST balanced on top of a 10″ wide pad (approx HD
    frame spacing) is dumb. Also, if your bike doesn’t have a flat bottom,
    these wont work without an adapter.

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    Whoa. $400.00 + $70.00 shipping for the J&S . Bet HF sells a lot more of
    their jacks lol.

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    Get a Dunwell.