NEC 2014 — Electrical Fundamentals


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    Mike, This is an incredible video. I’m not an electrician; I am retired and
    am trying to learn all about electrical “stuff”. I am(was) one of those
    that thought preparation was excellent. I am subdue fuzzy on this and will revisit
    the video and connect the dots that got separated in the first viewing.
    Thanks for allotment this.

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    I like this guy he gets right to it. Too many teachers try to be amusing and
    fascinating. That might be fantastic for some but I want information. I’ll
    watch TV later to be amused.

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    Best video ever! Keep em’ coming! Thank you!

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    DO NOT become part of the path!!!

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    Fantastic video. Thx. Mike.

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    very excellent!

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    Fantastic video. No one I know believes this. As a young boy my neighbor used a
    cut of metal rod with the hot wire, from an extension cord, connected to
    a switch and then the rod to bump worms for fishing. When it rained he
    would stick the rod in the ground and turn on the switch. It does not trip
    the surf. All the worms in the ground come to the surface. My Instructor
    in school told me this simply was not doable! This shows the dedication
    people have. Even after a unadorned test like the worm catcher worked. I was
    told I must have had a terrible ground when there was no ground! It was current
    pumped straight into the earth. DO NOT TRY THIS EVER. We always had the
    proper Training and PPE when doing this. But it does work and has been a
    idiotic practice for as long as I can remember.

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    I have a question on nec 2011 code chapter 9 im in the union i dont
    know table 5 what do i use to figure out instrument fill area or
    diameter what does it mean to figure out a question on pipe fill. what do i
    have to use!

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    I get it now but what should we do as electrician when a checker tells us
    to drive a ground rod?

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    This is awesome! thank you for this.

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    fantastic video. thanks a lot you answered many of my questions

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    like you mike. your a pioneer!!!! keep given us the excellent stuff!!
    beau from san diego

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    Loved the video I used to reckon that the ground rod could act as a pathway
    for the fault current now I know surpass thanks for posting these up:-D 

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    Your best video mike. You made it simple to know. I liked the just
    go drive a ground rod and hook it up . plz keep putting these on
    YouTube. We don’t make enough money to buy all your videos 

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    Mike’s got enough energy to power a small town..
    Very educational and informative.
    What puzzles me is that even though the basic electrical supply and
    distribution theory was nearly for over 100 years, so many people (even
    industry professionals) to this day have no thought about preparation vs.
    bonding, preparation lonely not clearing faults, etc. etc..