Powerbuilt Triple Lift Floor Jack Video – Pep Boys


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    PowerBuilt (Alltrade) are throwaway jacks. No seal repair kits can be
    found,..Alltrade refuses to sell repair parts to the consumer claiming
    liability issues. Evidently,..You are intelligent enough to lift and repair
    your own vehicle but too stupid to repair your jack.

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    what do you need to lift a motorcycyle lift for anyway? what can’t you get
    to already that’s underneath?

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    way too tall to lift MANY cars!

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    ehhhh idk, I tend to like my jack stands in the copious places they are.

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    Posted 04/05/2014 at 10:10 | Permalink

    Jack stands cannot roll away. So no, this thing doesn’t replace jackstands.

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    Pep Boys Does Every Thing For Less!!!!!!

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    Nothing replaces jack stands.

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    That part of Jack stands they never got… is how they are supposed to be
    stationary. How about some drive up jack-able wheel stands where you drive
    up into a V-Groove, set the parking brakes and lift and then at a set
    height, place a locking pin in.

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    I have a road king classic, would this be excellent for my ride. excellent thought

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    What a fantastic thought… but subdue, for a huge touring Harley, the narrow track
    width would be sort of precarious to lift a 860 pound bike on.

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    change wheels/tires, to work on front forks and rear shock, result in the bike
    up so you don’t have to hunch over the whole time…

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    got one, bought at canadian tire, paid nearly 100$ on special, holds 4000
    lbs, fantastic product ,lifted the front end of a GMC yukon truck clear off the
    ground simple, only problem with it is that the rubber pads came unglued,
    nothing that a bit of silicon couldn’t solve, like it

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    …so how much can it hold? (not same as lift im awsuming)