REV’IT! GTX Headwear Review at


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    this is a excellent video…i learned a lot about headgear !!!!!watch this plz

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    In the winter, I commute daily with the Karma and my full face Arai helmet
    that fits very snug. The breath-guard that rests over your nose can drop
    some when you are putting your helmet on, but it’s simple enough to
    reposition after the helmet is in place. I do it twice a day and never
    really reckon twice about it. ~Ali

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    Could you do a video on the scorpion magnum gloves? Thank you

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    Thank you for the suggestion. We’ve added the Scorpion Magnum gloves to our
    video queue. Stay tuned! ~Ali

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    Dude, of course it matters how you pronounce it. If you don’t pronounce
    things correctly, you might appear to be an idiot. Kind of like those
    people who don’t know jokes and have to have it clarified to them.

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    I’d buy from RevZilla if I lived across the pond! ZLA make awesome gear
    videos though ;)

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    The half balaclava is awesome. Real gangsta and it really saves your face
    from completely from freezing over.

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    Any opinions from the RevZilla crew on what the Velox and Karma are like
    with glasses wearers, fogging and the like? Also how do they both hold up
    in the winter with condensation, I’ve used other products previous to and it’s
    not long previous to it feels more like a wet towel meeting on your face.

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    Wait, Does Orca buy from Revzilla? (or do you info-gather from them?)

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    Thanks for the Review team ZLA. I’ll be replacing my current el cheapo neck
    diaper with something like these products. Awesome to use badass Buzzsaw
    for the develop!

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    I commute daily in the winter with the Karma windcollar. I also have a
    Pinlock on my Arai helmet, so it’s hard to say how much additional fogging
    the Karma adds. I can say, over the backtalk is a mesh material that lets
    extra moisture escape. They both are made of Gore-Tex windstopper that
    helps go moisture away from the body. It’s never felt wet after use. ~Ali

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    Dude, it is pronounced balaclava…not balaclava.

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    Guy looks like a NINJA!

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    Velox & karma are not made for full face helmets. Wits being, it’s a pain
    trying not to make them roll down your cheeks when putting on a full face
    helmet. Reading other reviews from motorcycles website, that’s the only
    gripe that people have. Like so, it seems these products works best with
    1/2 & 3/4 helmets.

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    I just ordered the Amazon after watching this video. Can’t wait to try it
    out. Exceptional video as usual guys!

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    This would be so helpful in the cold!! scarves never seem to work well
    enough!! Fantastic Gear!!

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    The velox looks like it would work really excellent. I’m just wondering if the
    velox is warm enough for 20 deg weather. I can’t tell you how many times
    I’ve been riding my bike to work in the morning and my neck is frozen. This
    video certainly gives you a excellent amount of information.

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    I just got the Velox & Amazon. With the Velox when I place on a jacket, the
    back keeps bunching up into the collar and doesn’t stay in place under the
    jacket when trying to get it on. With the Amazon, the eye port nearly the
    outside and bottom keeps riding up and rubbing against the edges of your
    eyes/vision without the helmet. Both are SUPER annoying. They also take
    some adjusting to keep in place as you’re donning a helmet or readjusting
    once it’s on. Subdue deciding if they’re worth keeping.