Tutorial: how to wash car wheels and tires demonstration by Auto Obsessed


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    you people have waaaay too much time on your hands! It’s gonna rain
    tomorrow and the wheels are just gonna get dirty again!

    Seriously! Six brushes to sterile a wheel?

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    The only way to PEREFECT wash a wheel is to taking it off and washing it
    apart. WHY DON´T YOU TAKE IT OFF THE CAR ?????????????????

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    why u washing a sterile rim?

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    these wheels are not even dirty.

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    Seriously, what’s incorrect with a dab and some water?

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    no despise on the video and tips though , excellent equipment used and chemicals,
    excellent video . 

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    We generally use a combination of brushes for wheels and wheel wells based
    on the wheel design and how much room that we have in the wheel well. It
    certainly would not hurt to have a separate brush(s) for wheels and wheel
    wells but not always necessary, rinsing them well for each use will also
    save the need for dedicated brushes. Also you may want to change the wash
    water during the washing process depending on how dirty the wheels are.

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    That Lamborghini looks awesome

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    There are many techniques, vehicles and situations, we are screening our best
    practices and what works well in our application. If the wheels and wheel
    wells are really dirty then you may want to rinse them well previous to applying
    the products. We usually do the wheel itself first as the product needs
    some to dwell then brush the wheel and do the wheel well and rubber, then
    final rinse of everything. We do it based on product dwell time but again
    choose the system that is best for your needs.

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    I appreciate your videos but I have some questions as I may be doing
    things incorrect. #1 my car is never this sterile previous to I go to wash it. :) For
    this wouldn’t you follow the same steps as you do when washing the body of
    the car- top to bottom? So- Wouldn’t it be best to first start with a
    dedicated dab or brush to sterile the wheel wells, then sterile the tire,
    then sterile the wheel? In my situation I would never use the same brush to
    sterile both the wheel wells and the wheel. Thanks.

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    In this video the wheels are coated with Gtechniq C5 and don’t get very
    dirty with driving most of the time and maintaining them is much simpler. If
    you find that your wheels take a lot of time then consider coating them to
    make it mush simpler to maintain.

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    How in the world are you guys able to keep the white floor so sterile? Lol

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    Nice video but most of us are here because we have some hardcore brake dust
    on our wheels and need something that will take out this stuff.

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    I can promise you this, that the car you did the demo on does NOT get dirty
    by any stretch of the imagination, and with that being right, more than HALF
    of what you used on the wheels is not necessary.

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    Thank you.

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    Fantastic video. Just ordered two of the brushes featured in the video. Always
    very pleased with Autoobsessed products and benefit.