Tutorial on how to drill Locks and holds for Security Guards


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    by accident he hit my knee hahahaha cant stop laughing, fantastic video by the
    thank you for allotment sir. 

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    I embraced how you said thank you,
    Thank you for the fantastic tutorials.

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    Nice video, and gave me a smile to spot the ancient TOF on the door ;)

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    I have been enjoying your videos immensely. Therefore, it must be my age
    screening that I am sensitive about the 1970’s crack. :) Amusing thing is
    though that the ‘goose head’ come along looks exactly like the No.12 Thumb
    Hold that W.E. Fairbairn taught to Allied Forces back in the 1940’s.
    Things come full circle, I suppose. Thank you for allotment your training
    and thoughts. Cheers

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    If these techniques improve your technique, then you need some surpass
    I suggest you take a excellent look at your techniques. If you keep
    training/learning then I guarantee you’ll rub out this vid. – Your ‘basics’
    could be much surpass.
    Keep training. Keep smiling.

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    Is Aikido a practical form of self-defense?

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    Thanks this is excellent I just started working in the pysch ward at John’s
    Hopkins and I must learn how to restarin these patients.

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    I am in the midwest, where do you do seminars?

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    @MutenKami Its just my attitude from my experience.Ive had my shoulder
    dislocated,my fingers and thumb broken,arm hyperextended,toes broken,ankle
    broke and dislocated.Both knee’s torn.In all cases i was sober,athletic
    and trained and continued to fight without reserve.I trained under Master
    Alex Andrews in Small circle JuJitsu,and he also cautioned the longer a
    lock is applied and the surpass a person is trained the chances grow for
    escape and overcoming the pain coompliance.

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    appreciate such a powerful compliment!I am in the process of filming a DVD
    defensive tactics series to come out later in the year.

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    the wrist can be manipulated,but i dont believe it will be a show stopper
    with a sober fully conditioned fighter,soldier,fighter.Pressure points need
    to be exacting,and finger locks work only so long as the finger is not
    broken..then there is nothing left to lock.

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    1 criminal disliked this!

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    dis is cool… i own handcuffs! [real]

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    Yeah, try to reach it. And when you made it, what will be your next go?

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    Yes I smashed him since 1997,guess that’s why he irrevocably left and opened up
    his own school:) To resolution,yes this is only a demonstration and breakdown
    of one application.You can take other angles and setups to get this wrist

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    Fantastic detail and explanations, thanks for posting this excellent stuff !

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    Thank you. I just started working as a security Guard. This was very

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    Very excellent

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    really like the way you simplify the moves making it practical for
    beginners and the more experienced, on a lighter note, that poor lad
    getting rag dolled reminds me of the ancient “red coats” from Star Trek, they
    were always on the away teams and never returned, i also use your vids as a
    reference for combative illustration (drawing) so thanks mate…

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    that dude looks so much in pain.

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    I subdue have been thought to do the transport lock. Is it less effective
    than the lock you are doing? BTW I have been thought this because I am a
    teacher in a prison

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    Lock-control-ground!:) thanks for the support!