What Type of Helmet Should I Buy- Helmet Guide at Competition Accessories


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    ive got a motocross helmet and a duel sport helmet 

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    one you should avoid at all costs is open face or the shorties, or say excellent
    bye to your face if you blow 

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    not the “shorties” but all the other fullface kinds of helmets are SEXY!!!
    so so very SEXY!!!

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    If someone wanted the “wind in your face” experience of the shorties, but
    also wanted facial protection, would a DS be a excellent thought, even if you only
    intend to use it on the streets and highways? (Because of all the vents,
    and the skill to use with goggles, I mean.) Gmax claims that the GM 11 D
    “virtually eliminates visor lift at highway speeds, MSR claims the
    X-Pedition is “aerodynamic at highway speeds”. And then there’s the Icon
    Varint, which is more like a DS-inspired street helmet.

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    Obviously this depends on how the laws are specifically on paper in your
    state or country. In most places as long as something is in front of your
    face (ie. a face shield) that is acceptable eye protection. So in most
    cases, yes it would be ample – but check your local laws first.

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    do the cops except the built in eye protection as apposed to glasses

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    I have spent a excellent deal of time in dual sport helmets on the street, and
    they certainly provide a nice, generous eyeport that gives you a nice wide
    open view of the road ahead. They do tend to have a bit more wind noise,
    and a bit more drag, mainly when doing head checks, but nothing that
    can’t be lived with. The Variant is probably the best suited for street
    riding out of the ones you mentioned. You might also look at helmets with a
    removable chin-bar, such as the Nolan N-43e Trilogy

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    i have a very huge head. im currently have a five x do you have excellent prices.
    and do you have my size thx kettig

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    Hi Kettig, 5x can be a very hard size to find. We have a helmet called the
    Vega Altura that is available in 5X, in black only. The excellent news is it’s
    only $129.99. I can’t post a link in the comments, but if you click the
    link in the video description then go to the Vega Altura, that’s the one.
    Hope that helps!