Baselayer Buying Guide / State of the Market 2013


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    super breakdowns base layers 

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    Please quit interrupting Brad. You are distractedly grating.

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    If more cooling or heat is desired, “fantastic opposite in one!” You are
    advising to use a base layer with a blend of Merino Wool 65% and 35%
    Polyester with Cocona. A example is the Rab MeCo 120 Tee or 165 Zip Long
    Sleeve or Small Sleeve

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    The working of Polygiene, which is silver salt implemented textile,
    prevents the growth of bacteria or fungi so your clothes won’t smell. Also
    it will not wash off, because it is implemented. Polygiene itself is a
    highly effective antimicrobial agent because of the silver salt, that is
    safe for your skin and its bacterial flora. If you don’t need the like
    but it also is not that hot you have to cool down actively. You are
    recommending a base layer shirt like the Rab Aeon Tee & the Rab Helium

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    Fantastic video, guys. How about one that compares all the new WP/B tech that’s
    hit the market recently.

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    What they said: Take 200 weight merino wool shirts. They stay wet longer,
    helping you to cool down (after making wet). For preside over contact and advice
    from ProLiteGear, look for Brad at Prolitegear(dot)com On the Right below
    Resource Centre. @ProLiteGear , Please keep these fantastic informational
    teaching video’s coming. Like the educational value!

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    Cocona is activated carbon having a farthest generous surface, is extremely
    breathable and accelerates evaporation. Cocona cools you by making the base
    layer with intent wet . Or it helps you to stay warm because it keeps the
    skin dry. The Merino Wool additionally keeps you cozy. The polyester Cocona
    fabric also prefents the clothing sacking out. So a fantastic combination. But
    what to buy? ahhhh ;-)

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    you should do more buying guides it would be fantastic for those who are
    looking to learn somthing.

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    We will be walking the camino next year and since I can’t handle the heat
    very well…what would be the best base layer to buy?

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    Really liked the buyers guide. I was wanting a smartwool baselayer , but
    you’re causing me to reconsider.

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    Don’t be so hesitant to reveal the MSRP of your products. It assigns value.
    At least it does for me. I guess it’s just the MBA speaking.

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    @ProLiteGear after repeated before a live audience of your video and doing a lot of
    reading and research on the web, trying to hear and know what you to
    were saying. Would like you to place more information in the description of
    your video’s.