Build a do-it-yourself air purifier for about $25


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    This is a fantastic thought, and your meter proves it. Ignore the negative

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    The most deadly, toxic unhealthy air is gaseous level pollution – at the
    molecular level, millions of times smaller than a micron. The only way to
    effectively get it out of the air is to trap it with a sterile liquid like
    water. So you don’t even need to buy the hepa filter; simply drape a damp
    towel over the fan intake side for 10 minutes, quickly rinse and repeat a
    few more times and your room will be drastically cleaner – even at the
    molecular level. The fumes will be trapped in the water held by the cloth.
    Cheap as potatoes air filtration.

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    Often you will forget how stupid people really are, that is why it is
    vital to read the comments. You will see straight away that those are
    subdue able to reckon Without the aid of rational reasoning. 

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    Just to clear this up for everyone…..FANS ARE MOST EFFICIENT PULLING AIR,

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    They sell these already place together as a release unit at Walmart already
    and have been for years now. So why would you spend more money buying the
    items separate rather than spending like $25 on the unit at Walmart that
    offers superb warranties and returns?

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    Is this the same?

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    Not enough air flow for it to work well. As soon as you furnace fan turns
    on your room will be back to the same particle count. 

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    Honeywell air purifier ..that is all

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    exceptional work watson!

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    Thanks again for this video! I’ve been using my domestic air filter in my
    room for about 2 years now! i like it mainly when im sleeping

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    It needs more room between the fan and hepa filter boxed in like a lamineer
    flow it is in this video it will wear out the fan pretty quick.

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    The filter works surpass behind the fan (the air pulling side).

    Source. Self experience.

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    $32 Air Purifier. DIY style.

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    I need this

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    thanks for the video, very informative, im gonna try this

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    Agreed, I was just about to post the same. Not to mention as the filter
    becomes clogged , the air would just blow nearly the fan box and exit
    without going through the filter.. How much is this guy making for a salary

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    I am glad that shit worked.

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    did you get the direction of the filter correctly placed? Shouldn’t it be
    placed on the back side of the fan and the filter twisted nearly?

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    You reckon that approaching the air through the same exact tshirt won’t have the
    same effect? The only difference is it will escape nearly the t shirt
    because it is approaching it away. If the filter is placed on the back it helps
    make a suction the prevent air bypassing the filter. It’d require alot of
    tape on the front to make the same effect. Otherwise the air will escape
    nearly the filter, meaning a less efficient purifier.

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    I second this suggestion.. stop trying to reinvent the wheel. By the way,
    if you drive really quick through the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan.. you get
    an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan…. I’m guessing
    this dudes car broke down halfway through. Then, when he started before a live audience
    with a box fan, filter, and some tape he had in his trunk, the U of M threw
    him a doctorate degree and a job. Incredible!

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    how does this DIY device (excellent thought) equate to a professional system like
    cleanature ? I am asking because I have a few of these devices but I don’t
    want to spent more money on rooms in which also have aircons. Any filters I
    can place inside aircons.

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    Do u reckon this would work for use in mushroom cultivation instead of a
    really exp. laminor flow hood .I hope so

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    Yes. This way the expensive High Merv filter will last you longer