Catback Exhaust – Explained


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    how about straight pipe?

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    Very fascinating equation to determine the best mated hp for a specific
    inlet measurement. Thanks man, this is excellent stuff!

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    Maybe I just misunderstood you, but did you say that a 140WHP engine will
    see an 85WHP gain from an exhaust system?

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    My Forester XT splits into two pipes and two mufflers after the resonator.
    Is there any benefit to this or is this just for looks? N/A versions don’t

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    So if i had say 2250 hp, would I find significant gains from a 22.6″
    catback exhaust?

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    ive got a question i recently bought a catback exhaust and my engine is
    stock. Does the HP stay the same without tuning or does the car give more
    power off the bat? thanks 

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    If you’re going to increase the diameter of the exhaust system, then you
    should include the cat as well. I would just convert to a dual exhaust
    system (two cats & split manifold). That way you wouldn’t need an increase
    in diameter and could use two stock exhaust systems.

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    most 4 cylinder engines require a certain amount of back pressure to
    increase low end torque, do these aftermarket kits reduce the amount of
    usable torque?

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    I was going to upgrade but with a stock engine is futile.. 

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    You forgot weight reduction – as most Stainless and all the more Titanium
    pipes are lighter than stock ;)

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    That has alot of restrictions 

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    my 97 Bonneville sse came from the factory with catback as it advertised on
    sticker sheet.

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    Thanks!!!! I’ll share this video on Facebook 

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    Gained yourself a new subscriber!

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    Subbed, I have a 3g eclipse gt that I’m working on and this knowledge

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    As far as performance goes, you forgot to mention one of the most critical
    points of any parts upgrades: how much does the Yonaka system weigh
    compared to the stock system?

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    You can certainly see improvements replacing exhaust on some cars. I know
    the performance Toyota 4A-GE 20V Blacktop came with an exhaust manifold
    that had a few bends that were incredibly restrictive, where just replacing
    the manifold showed fantastic gains. So in cars with poor exhausts, it can show
    a bit of a difference. Not much though, because the engine isn’t putting
    out much power anyway.

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    I saw that you also have a header video. Rather than clicking it, I have a
    question or two. First, with a catback exhaust, I can STILL use the stock
    cats, cant I? If yes, what about the headers, same deal?

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    Like your videos i will subscribe 

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    Does a catback work with stock cats or do you have to buy new ones?

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    so I gotta 92 civic with a 96 itr engine in it a few mods..spec r cams,dc
    sports ceramic header and a cat back exhaust system wich I believe to be
    2.5 inch..maybe 2and 1/4 inside not sure rly…for my catalytic conv…I
    got like a cheap ebay cat…id like to get a magnaflow catalyser..and maybe
    a muffler too cuz the cat back is just too loud!(being a 4.5 inch tip)..I
    was wondering wat u reckon about that? anyone who knows about this rly..tnx

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    What about the overpipe and front pipe in a exhaust system? Is that front
    of the cat? 

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    But you need back pressure for the vehicle to run efficient in all
    ranges of rpm. 

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    Im confused did you said it would bump the hp to 225 or the exhaust is fit
    for a car that has 225 hp?

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    I’m curious sound difference between one with resonator and one without it.
    Which one would most likely to make muffling sound? and/or deeper sound?

    Also, I’ve heard having stupid wide pipes are going to loose back pressure
    which results in lose of hp. Is it right?

    By the way, nice video.