Filson Double Tin Pants


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    +SixtyAteOutdoors Are you going to do an update on these pants? I’d like
    to see it.

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    Update on how they ate doing?

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    im looking for an outer layer for my pants, for wilderness camping in the
    winter ,cold and wet conditions. do you reckon these would be excellent? how
    water proof are they and would they be to heavy/stiff to hike in and to
    unbreathable ? not to concerned about weight. but i wanted to see what you
    thought about them for wilderness income use as the outer layer… thanks


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    They are stinky, greasy, and uncomfortable. They look and feel wet. They
    smell like kerosene, your hands get all greasy just putting them on. I have
    a like new pair size 32. For sale

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    Did you buy your habitual size or go one larger?

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    Do you wear whatever thing underneath then everyday except underwear/ boxers

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