Harbor Freight Motorcycle Lift Mod


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    Maybe a rubber tip on the end of the bolt would prevent any scratches to
    the lift.

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    Useful post, thanks. Anyone shopping for a lift should check to see if
    parts are available from the manuf. I have read horror tales about Torin
    (I reckon that’s the one Harbor Freight sells as well). I would rather save
    up for the one I “cannot afford” than go thru what I have read others going
    thru with Torin (which is so terrible I just had to mention it for others).

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    Automobiles can kill you. Or worse someone else. Perhaps we should outlaw
    them as well…?

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    Nice mod! Certainly makes it simpler to lower a 1000 lbs
    cruiser…mainly for us ancient guys (lol) Excellent point you made to go the
    drilled hole one more notch so the bolt hits squarly on the frame! Thanks!

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    Not everyone can AFORD one from Sears.

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    Nice fix! I just got one of these lifts and I heard this was and issue…
    It looks like you came up with a unadorned and cost effective way to modulate
    the descent rate of this lift… I will no doubt apply this correction to
    mine….thanks for the fantastic video! Rich

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    The further you push the pedal down the quicker the lift drops. With this
    fastidious develop it’s nearly impossible to push just a small. This mod
    puts an adjustable stop on the pedal so you can set pedal travel from zero
    to wide open.

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    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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    I would have twisted the screw upside down so it does not eat the paint
    away. Other than that nice job!!

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    Very smart man….I am going right now to do mine!! . Thx for the tip. Ed
    Salmon Arm, BC. Canada

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    Can you provide a link to a documented death caused by a Harbor Freight
    tool? I agree the quality on a lot of their tools isn’t the best but I
    highly doubt there have been deaths caused by Harbor Freight Tools unless
    the user was not using the tool correctly.

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    They can kill. You or worse. Someone eles. Those tools should be outlawed.

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    Your assess… the factory valve is nearly fully-open or fully-closed with
    an uncontrollable mid array. Other than that I really like the lift and use
    it a lot. I do it, but it’s perilous used as a dolly. If one of the wheels
    hits whatever thing, even a thin washer on the floor, it can stop the lift dead
    in it’s tracks, and with a bike loaded you have a top-heavy load. Be

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    hi i’m thinking that james and i have the same jack and yours is different.
    i’m wondering if the bottle jack used is different mine gos down really
    quick unless i push it down quick and fully then it goes slow down. just as
    the manual says. soo what does your manual say just weird that ours works

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    Itsgr8218. No i can’t. But you get what you pay for. There all over you
    tube. Look at those guys that place. 30. 40. 50. Thousand dollar cars no
    those cheep lifts. And they fail. Question those gentlemen. If they would ever
    buy from. Hf

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    i dont want to be complicated here, but I dont know how this
    works…I thought with this lift you are supposed to press all of the way
    down to get it to go slow, and depress only slightly for it to go
    quick…just wondering…I just bought one today, and no matter how i did
    it, it went down way to quick….thoughts??

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    I no longer have my lift or manual. I can’t imagine this jack, or any other
    type of hydraulic equipment working backwards intentionally. I’m not saying
    yours doesn’t. Has to be a manufacturing mistake. Your bike must drop quick
    for a split second previous to your reach the end of lever travel. A forklift
    would drop it’s load instantly, a skid-loader would lunge forward at full
    speed, a backhoe would flip over. All this previous to the operators could go
    their levers to “slow”. But I’ve been incorrect previous to.

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    First never ever buy from harbor freight. There tools are junk. Can kill
    and kill you again. Just buy a excellent one from sears

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    wow, that confusing because the lift manual and everthing ive read about it
    says the opposite…what in the world is that about!?

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    I own this jack and am well aware of the release peddle sensitivity! I
    guess I just got “excellent” at it as it never was much of an issue for me,
    but I reckon I’ll be making this mod myself and allotment it with my bud
    who has the same jack! Thank you very much for this vid!

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    So basically it’s an overtravel stop so you don’t push it past the point
    where the speed is too high. How do you like the lift? Looking at buying
    one to use as a dolly as well, seeing how there are wheels which may allow
    me to go the bike nearly a bit after it’s been lifted.