How to Recover a Motorcycle Seat Using Stretch Vinyl Fabric – Using Allsport Vinyl


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    ~ANGELA~ Not Only Needs a RAISE!… But an ELECTRIC STAPLE Gun
    Too…LOL…hope your blisters healed well… LOL This Was an AWESOME
    Video… I had such a HARD TIME replacing the Vinyl seat on my Scooter a
    couple of years ago that I got so discouraged( I finished up making a
    rinky-dink outer fabric bogus cover) BUT Now that I saw this TUTORIAL
    (and the Affect “PURPLE”) The Sky’s the LIMIT!!! OHHH YEAAHHH!!
    Thank-You I TRULLY Delight in Every Video Tutorial You make. LUV IT!! TFS

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    i just saved me $250 bucks :-)…. got all d tools a Dads garage…..

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    Angela is AWESOME. She deserves a raise!

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    very detailed video, fantastic job!

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    She’s excellent at her job….but the reader sounds real creepy. Lol

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    What size needle are you using?

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    This was a fantastic video. Thank you for the generosity of your time!

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    I’ll echo this comment’s sentiment in thanking Sailrite for this exceptional

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    Very cool

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    пошив на глазок)))

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    hello, jsut wondering what air staple gun do you use also what size mm are
    the staples and where can i get them from in UK?

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    I have watched this video about 6 times now. The concepts that you have
    imparted have been fabulous, it’s been like a college course. I’m not in a
    position to buy Sailrite fabric from the source, but I have patronised a
    local supplier and now me and my 1930’s manual Singer are ready to
    reupholster my 27 year ancient cruiser’s seat with confidence! Your video is
    incredible and very very valued. Thank you from Me, in the UK.

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    We were using a #18 size needle.

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    Thank you for this instructional video! It really gave me the confidence to
    go ahead with my reupholstery scheme. The main mistake I made was not
    making the boxing wide enough to accommodate proper stapling later, which
    is something you warned about.

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    We used an electric staple gun Duo-Quick EIC-3118 Electric Stapler. But
    you can use staple gun that operates on compressed air. You can use
    ordinary 3/8″ crown staples for the gun of your choice. I would try to
    buy only stainless steel staples for any type of outdoor scheme. I am
    not sure where to buy them in the UK. Sailrite does ship to the UK.

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    Why do you not use the ancient cover as a template for the new cover?

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    So that’s what Reverend Lovejoy does when he’s not filming Simpson’s

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    Wow..ty everyone..but I have a fantastic team and working in a place with
    hundreds and hundreds of fantastic fabrics and accessories is like being a kid
    in a candy store!

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    Meus parabéns pelo vídeo. Muito bem explicado. Sou tapeceiro há mais de
    vinte e cinco anos e sei do que estou falando. Além de gostar muito do
    vídeo ainda me diverti muito com os comentários abaixo postados. Parece que
    algumas pessoas que comentaram conhecem pessoalmente o casal do vídeo.
    A ladyowned me fez rir bastante com o seu comentário.

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