Make an ATV street legal. King quad 750


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    you can in wa only on roads 35mph or less

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    hey can u make i video of how u made it street legal like how did u get the
    blinkers and stuff to work

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    what state did you do this in? i am trying to do this in kentucky. any luck
    with the motor vehicle registering?

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    1) posi rear end…to be registersble as a street vehicle, it’s primary
    drive axle(s) must have a differential. 2) must be factory equipped with
    turn signals. 3) that small sticker that says “Not for highway use” is
    tied to the vin # so as soon as you try to register it for highway use, it
    will come up as off road use only on DMV’s computer.

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    Unfortunately I do get pulled over at least once a ride unless it same town
    I been to previous to

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    Guess what, there’s subdue a bunch of reasons it’s illegal for street use.

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    @AlfonsoAndCompany Hell NO!!

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    It’s so much simpler in Canada :D

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    Are you really able to drive this wherever?

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    do you get pulled over every 5 seconds

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    I only have 2 Atv’s

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    Is this legal in Australia

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    in pa atv’s have to regestered throw dcnr. do you have this if so how did
    you get nearly it?

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    Not to mention, Horn, mirrors, back lights, steel fuel tank, catalytic
    converetr for emissions.

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    can you tell me exactly how to do the wiring , cause for me its chinese ,,
    i currently own a yamaha Yfz 450R and im trying to make it road legal

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    @hondabikes101 ahh, I live in the USA. That’d be pretty sweet if he could!

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    hey man from ohio my self what about indemnity?

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    @LHRShadow most atvs come with tail lights equipped well idk about banshees
    and blasters etc.. but quads like ranchers kingquads grizzles etc.. do

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    would this be legal in new mexico?

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    What State is the license plate for ?

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    @TheEliteCommander333 not sure what states this is legal for. you would
    have to talk to your local police department. or do some research on it.
    from my understanding if the atv meets all requirements of a street vehicle
    you can make it street legal. i road mine for a small over 1200 miles
    nearly where i am at and only had a small vex with police.. then i
    found out i titled it incorrect. needs to be titled as a motorvehicle

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    @CKYAlliance32 not sure if it would work there. you will have to check your
    local laws in order to do so.

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    The plate is for Ohio and is for riding at state parks not for road use
    your ATV is title for off road use. You can ride them on back roads but is
    up to your county and if the DMV titles it any other way their idiots and
    not know their job and if you have never got in vex your lucky.

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    reckon about it how can a Can-Am Spyder be allowed on the road and not a
    quad if its fitted up of course. it the same thing as my quad same drive
    teach same motor same rear axle, same lights, same plastic gas tank and
    exhaust system. i know my local dmv gave me the option to title it as a
    road vehicle when i was buying it and my indemnity co questioned me if it was
    used as farm vehicle or for road use and i have stamps on the shocks that
    says dot under the one bump. but the Vin thing does concern me.

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    what state?