Mountain Bike Elbow, Knee & Shin Guards by G Form Dense Foam


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    Posted 06/06/2014 at 1:10 | Permalink

    Hey man you did not do these pads justice at all. This is spaceage material
    that is flexible while riding but then stiffens up under impact. Does it so
    quick is assorbs much of the force. Far and above whatever thing on the market.

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    If I was to slide on them would they wreck??

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    Fyi they absorb 90 percent of the force and harden on impact

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    haha excellent to see Loyd in a video, i worked for loyd about 14 years ago. The
    whole crew at that time was incredible and loyds a super nice guy! Hope you
    and your family are doing wonderful man!!! Jamie C

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    What’s the difference between the knee and shin guards? I have the knee but
    I feel they work fine on my shin if I need them to

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    Fantastic video review! Have they been well loved in your store?