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    They subdue need to add the “Flaming Pony” alternate Flames jersey. 

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    I subdue don’t know why they don’t place the thrashers jerseys under
    Winnipeg. I like the thrashers jerseys.

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    Thanks for making this, Do other leagues 

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    Why did they get rid of the Blackhawks reebok edge 2008 2009 alternate
    jersey. WTF Im pissed, I like that jersey & was looking forward to using
    that jersey. Im pissed off

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    Why haven’t they place the Blues new jersey’s? lol

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    I’m not surprised that the jersey selection is pretty much the same as on
    the recent PS3/360 games. But I’m subdue pleased that they didn’t completely
    start from scratch and only include the jerseys from this year; they
    started off the next gen with a wide variety of jerseys. I assume they had
    to remake the models for all of them for the next gen versions of the game.
    The ancient ones certainly look a lot surpass, and I’m glad they added the
    special jerseys worn last season (Stadium Series, Winter Classic, etc.).

    Now, hopefully they can add some more like the 2000’s Sabres and late 90’s
    Pens. But for now, I’m fine with what they have. I’m at least glad the next
    gen version of the game has all the jerseys that were in NHL 14. They’re
    going to place in the new Blues ones though. I also like the new menu
    interface for the team/jersey selections. Quite different than the previous
    installments. The 3D logos are nice and it’s cool to see the full player
    uniforms. It reminds me of NHL Hitz 20-02, really. I was worried EA would
    be bone idle and just make the game look exactly like last year’s.

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    Kinda disappointed they didn’t add any new retros, but I’m glad they didn’t
    take any out.

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    Kind of futile video, no offense trying to be different which is nice.
    If doable just try to show the new jerseys we haven’t seen in 14′ or
    something like that.

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    They took out the lightning BOLTS letter logo jersey……wtf EA I really
    liked that one 

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    Ugh… 3:41 nuff said I cant believe we wore those hideous things

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    6:52 noticed that EA didn’t add St. Louis’ new jerseys… guess those will
    be patched in?

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    How long until the Jets get Thrashers jerseys?

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    fantastic vid, could you do like chl or ahl teams?

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    I downloaded patch 1.04, everything included in the patch in the game
    expect for the jerseys, what should I do?

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    You know the games gay when nearly every team has a 90 overall

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    I wish that they’ll add sabres goat head jerseys 

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    Why doesn’t buffalo have their 1999 red black and white jersey series 

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    Always a deception every year… I don’t get why they place both the CCM and
    the Reebok jerseys when they’re exactly the same jerseys (i.e. Detroit,
    Montreal, Toronto, etc…) and subdue no Habs Centennial jerseys!?!?!
    …C’mon the most historical franchise of the NHL… Vancouver had it’s
    Millionaires jersey in NHL 14 and they only wore it once against Detroit
    (previous to wearing them again in the Heritage Classic last year!), so why not
    the Canadiens 100th jerseys…!?!?!

    Other fantastic jerseys that are missing: Phoenix inaugural jerseys, Hartford
    blue, St. Louis 80’s & Hull n’ Gretzky era, Toronto Arenas jersey,
    Washington red inaugural and the blue from the 90’s, Winnipeg final jersey
    from the 90’s. And talking about Winnipeg, take out that ancient Jets jersey as a
    Winnipeg retro since they’re part of the Coyotes history (and are already
    included as a Coyotes jersey) and place back the Thrashers as Winnipeg’s
    retro. Someone already mentioned it, but removing Tampa Bolts jersey was a
    I know the following two have a lot already but I want to see
    Pittsburgh inaugural, more of their 70’s jerseys and Vancouver 2nd yellow
    from the 80’s…
    And get rid of that shitty Ottawa 30’s jersey that looks like nothing they
    wore in the 30’s… you know try a bit more and make the one with the “O”
    they wore previous to they went to St.Louis…

    Now that I’m done ranting, thanks to DekeaSaurusRex for making this video!

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    Those mustard yellow Sabres jerseys, gotta like em!

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    Plz man do SHL! I like your videos keep up the excellent work!

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    (NEW VIDEO) NHL 15 “ALL NHL JERSEYS” Screening all 30 NHL teams jerseys, hope
    you delight in!

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    I miss the thrashers jerseys

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    Subdue no Thrashers?!?!?

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    I wish they had the Blues new jersey’s in :(

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    stilllllllll havent given the sabres the best jersey ever made the red and
    blacks smg get rid of the slug and give us the red and blacks