Review on Jenny Loop Replica NFL Jerseys


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    Hey, this was a fantastic review, I’m looking to buy a fake jersey and I found
    this site called jersey101 and I would like some insight on it. 

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    You Can’t really have high expectations on these rep jerseys since there’s
    no quality control and every material use are close to the authentic.
    Expect flaws every time, at least you’re getting it cheap that’s the only
    excellent deal you’re gonna get.

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    i don’t know how you have dislikes. you’re so on point with
    everything it’s terrifying. I’ve been surfing EVERYWHERE looking for a excellent fake
    jersey but ultimately it’s always a gamble. you have so many fantastic reviews

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    Fantastic vid!!!!

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    nfl jersey

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    Is this site a scam and what’s the best way to pay for the jerseys

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    Understood. although these things are sent, most people don’t know
    the work it takes to cover this stuff

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    Do electronic reviews

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    @49ers jersey The 49ers looks too low… plus a TOTALLY different red.

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    Can you do a lions replica jersey please

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    How do you get things sent to you for free?

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    Are they right to size. ?

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    To resolution your question there is no quality control in China. It’s always
    hit or miss when dealing in counterfeit goods because of the environment
    they work any moment they could get busted by the cops for promotion
    fake goods! Also a lot of the workers are 12yr ancient kids making $1 a day so
    there is bound to be some screw ups. Btw thanks for making the video!

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    Honestly, take a look at tarajersey. I ordered a patriot jersey from them
    and that is one of the toughest jerseys to replicate. Although the price is
    2x what Jenny is asking, it will be well worth the money!

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    Hey guys, I’m English and from the U.K and I don’t really know why
    these NFL shirts are so expensive and well loved. $300 for a shirt from the
    team you support with a players name on it. I don’t see why its a huge deal?
    Are the $300 jerseys actual jerseys that have been worn by the pros them
    self or what? Someone clarify… In the U.K soccer is our largest sport and
    in any shop you can buy or order made with a team shirt and a players name
    for something like £30 which is about $16 roughly

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    first like

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    Why did you give so many negatives in this review, but in the gopickjerseys
    review (which is visibly worse quality) you just pointed out positives…

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    in your next batch can you get a patriots jersey, these sites always make
    dreadful patriot logos.

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    I agree with you on the point you made about the older bulk products being
    shipped off in placement of the updated versions. What they should do to
    get more customers is ship extra jerseys off at no extra cost and that
    would also minimize their ancient stock

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    thank you

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    Nice video man!!!!!!!

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    I wonder if everyone knows that JENNY LOOP is AMY EDWARD from
    WHOLESALEBUSINESSCN? If you don’t believe me check both of there reviews.
    Just FYI is all.

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    fuck that, broke asses like me certainly are

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    can u please pick up some jerseys from elite kickz and do a review?

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    Pick up some Buffalo bills Jerseys! I just subscribed so ill appreciate it
    so I can buy one myself! Thank man! Like the vids!