SaferMoto Motorcycle Airbag Vests and Jackets


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    They are really cool! My son races and wears one and he said that he cant
    feel it while he rides. He also crashed with it and tumbled quite a bit and
    he had no neck or back pain because of the vest! I would recommend getting

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    I reckon we are also can use it for swimming Lol

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    I’ve been wearing the same Hit-Air jacket for years – quality product!!

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    So there’s the vest that goes over your own jacket and their own brand
    jacket with the same system inside, right? Wouldn’t the fit of the brand
    jacket be a small loose so that when it inflates it’ll have expansion room?

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    that is an awesome thought, id like to see it tested but not really tested (if
    you know what i mean)

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    @JMike1G That is what it is designed for. The gentleman on the video is the
    US distributor. He has “tested” the vest on the track 4 different times. In
    other words, he crashed! The vest worked every time!

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    This will make you very rich, fantastic thought and will be getting one for my

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    That is awesome! Just awesome! Fantastic job!

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    where can i buy that vest in UK area? thanks!

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    In crashed in my MLV vest a few months ago at 55mph and it did an incredible
    job. I wore it over my Motoport Air Mesh gear. Together they make a fantastic
    protection system. The vest completely absorbed my blow and kept me from
    experiencing any sort of whiplash….I never ride with out it!

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    And they cost? Available through US distributors?