Sigma “Bicycle” Computer as a Motorcycle Speedomoter/Odometer — OVERVIEW


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    I had a bell computer on my sportster. It worked ok. They have different
    codes you enter for different wheel sizes. It had kind of a delay but it’s
    surpass than nothing. I reckon it got wet or something cuz it crapped out on
    me. Next one will be waterproof and backlit.

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    I’m a dick, I didn’t read your comment in its entirety and I am sorry. I’ve
    had a lot of discussions with people over the years who fail to get the
    unadorned concept that the bike computer needs to know either the diameter or
    the circumference (which it can figure out if it knows the diameter) to be
    able to tell how far the wheel has travelled in a release revolution, which
    the computer knows has happened each time the magnet passes the sensor I
    immediately took your comment to mean that sorry again

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    I never said whatever thing about it measuring how long it is in contact with the
    magnet, and it has everything to do with having the assess placement, or
    else a smaller wheel would make more revelations per mile than a larger
    wheel would.

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    @dtmboorp Hey I am looking for one of these to mount to a dirt bike for a
    trip I am going on in a couple of weeks. I was just wondering if you reckon
    it would work very well on it. Sounds like you ride a street dirt bike
    with it but would it hold over rocks and rough terrain? Thanks.

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    can you see these things at night

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    @onlywhenprovoked It’s a very clever design. I’ve tested it by now and it
    works wonderfully on a dirt bike.

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    I have a Sigma wireless on my bike, works with a delay when the bike is
    off. As soon as there are electrics it doesn’t register. Gap is less than
    2mm between the stronger rare earth magnet I am using on the hub and the
    receiver. So I’ve now gone with a wired one. Mine is a Sigma BC1009 STS

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    I was about to write something about how the magnets have to be set a
    certain distance from the center of the hub, but apparently they took it a
    step further and lets you program the wheel size, instead. I know lots
    about bicycles but have never owned one of these things. Very cool.

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    This isn’t really right, it doesn’t matter how far the sensor is from the
    hub because the magnet will pass the sensor the same amount of times. The
    sensor doesn’t measure how long it is in contact with the magnet, but how
    many times the magnet passes.

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    No problem. I get the concept, I just haven’t owned one since back in the
    80s, when they were subdue analog meter style, with a small mini hub thing.
    If that makes sense.

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    they are fantastic and extremely accurate. I always mark and measure the
    distance for 10 wheel rotations (then divide by 10) just to be anally
    accurate. I DID make the mistake, doh, of using a wireless develop which only
    worked when the motor was off (electrical interference I guess).