Electric motorcycle scissor lift MkI


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    Hello you can you sent me a fhoto ander the moto lift to see how work the

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    May I suggest you fabricate and install a protection bar. Even though you are
    using a winch with a brake, this system is relying solely on the cable to
    prevent the lift from crashing down. If the cable were to fail there is no
    protection backup

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    Clever! You normally see hydraulic cylinders on scissor lifts. I would have
    never thought that a winch / hoist would have been strong enough to raise
    the lift when in its lower limit. Must be quite a hefty winch, what size is
    it? I see that you have double reeved it though.

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    Thanks. I build & sell electric powered scissor lifts for motorcycles &
    general workshop use. I sell them under the name “Geckolift”.

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    Nice lift. Did you make it? Or if you bought it what brand of lift is it?

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    The hoist on this unit was 600kg. As you say most are hydraulic, I designed
    & built this lift to allow simpler working on my ancient Bonnie. Much simpler
    using a button to raise & lower than pumping on a hydraulic foot pedal!