How-To: Diagnose Motorcycle Vacuum Leaks


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    I just bought a 81 cb650. That looks like what you are working on here. I
    am having a cylinder misfiring type of issue. Could the vacuum leak be what
    is causing that? Also it doesnt want to run higher then 5k when under load.
    Any advice would be much valued. Thanks!

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    This could be a dumb question, but I was told that you should avoid getting
    carb cleaner on gaskets and o rings and stuff because it would ruin the
    rubber in some way. Is this just fake or is it a different case with the
    rubber boots? Thanks!

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    Hey what’s the average life of the rubber boots? I reckon I has the same
    issue but boots look excellent I have 2007 Ninja 250, the RPM hangs nearly 3,000
    and drops back to idle. Has over 7,000 miles.

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    You are awesome man! Thanks for what you do, including answering peoples
    questions in the comments.

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    thanks man…will the idle rpm always drop with a vacuum leak ? or does it
    sometimes rise ?

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    the bike sounds wonderfillll after you place the new boots on buuuuut wheres
    the video on how to replace the boots ?

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    Hey. I keep having a spontaneous backfire on my cb900 with a twin exhaust.
    I have had the carbs off and didnt change the boots. But I did this
    test and there are no leaks. Fuel is new , jets are sterile. Plugs have been
    swapped nearly, but the problem is staying at the right side. I have also
    synced the carbs.

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    Even the RPM got higher after replacing these parts!

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    Thx for the video. It was really helpful. I recently installed a
    hyper-charger on my 2005 vn800. I couldn’t figure out why it seemed to idle
    at different speeds. Now I highly suspect I have a vacuum leak in the

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    Possibly. Check out my CB750 vacuum leak video where I take it for a spin.
    If you have the same symptoms, then yes you have leaks.

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    please help i need help urgent,my email is

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    I would check compression, place in new plugs, check timing if applicable,
    sterile carbs, check for vacuum leaks, synch carbs, and tune pilot fuel

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    Are the boots expensive to replace?

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    Can you help me identify the problem I’m facing with my motor? There’s a
    weird noise emanating from my engine. And it’s driving me idiotic. The
    video’s title ‘noise – suzuki gs550′ The video’s a bit dark, red bike.
    Thanks by Aaron Lee

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    Check for leaks and assess pilot screw adjustment.

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    My tale.Like i said RTV its a quick and fleeting fix till i replace them
    with new ones.Thanks again :)

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    Yeah, tell me about it!

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    i replaced valve shims on my bmw f650st,also cleaned bike wont
    start and i can hear a sucking sound from the carburator.what could be the

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    Thanks for the answer…will check those things. I’ve noticed bike over-revs
    when early from cold but doesn’t do it if I start the bike when the
    engine is warm……ah! the joys of dirt bike maintenance!

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    Sounds like a excellent plot. Let me know how it works out.

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    thats what my dad said haha was just getting a second attitude thanks.

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    Fantastic, informative video. Thank you.

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    Does it stumble and die? What do the plugs look like? It probably is not
    getting fuel due to a plugged passage in carb or massive vacuum leak.

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    Have you tartan timing, compression, valve adj? What does the plug look