Lock-N-Load Motorcycle Wheel Chocks and Tie Down System


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    This chock has failed twice for me. Both times while removing my bike the
    chock breaks free from the mount. I can only afford so many CVO fenders. 

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    Pretty smart for a harley rider. 

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    I”ve been looking for a system that doesn’t take an hour to secure your
    bike like the current tie down method that I use. This is fantastic. I’m going
    to Google it right now to see where I can get one. Excellent job Cecil. Another
    win for the excellent ole garage oriented american inventor.

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    Dis What I’M Talk N Bout….

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    Exceptional product and video

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    It works really well in the back of a truck since it just leaves the plate
    when you’re not using it.

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    how much does this system cost i have a yz 125 for motocross.

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    How and where can I buy this product to include the hidden mount rear
    strap system?

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    Will this work in the back of a truck as well?

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    Bought one yesterday on e-bay.

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    how would you connect the rear straps to a custom bike without any hook
    areas? It is a problem now when traveling ..LOVE the front wheel system for
    my toy hauler!

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    will this do a honda fireblade?

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    very practical system

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    I have this system and like it. Bought it directly from the Lock N Load
    company, very excellent customer benefit. Highly reccommend this company and

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    We have done on our homework when it comes to wheel chocks and what we have
    found is that this by far is the best. We have tested and used most of the
    brand name wheel chocks out there. What we have found is really incredible,
    when it comes down to ease and transportation Lock N Load wins hands down. If
    you are looking for a wheel chock then you have come to the right place.
    Guaranteed you won’t be disappointed. The Road Hawgs

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    Yes it will!

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    I’m just a 25 year ancient motocrosser looking for the right best method to
    haul, allowing the bike to use it’s own suspension instead of bottoming
    out, which you’ve done. Wisdom must come with time my friend. Extremely
    intuitive. I mainly like the self tightening system you’ve developed.
    That must make all the difference. Very nice sir!