EvoShield Wrist Guard


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    @SuperMarlinsfan you flip the shield nearly on the bottom of your wrist and
    if a ball skips up and hits you in the wrist the shield protects from any

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    I have this and I was spectacle about if the shield was strong enough to
    withstand a ball hitting it but in my practice the day after I got it I was
    blocking balls because im a catcher and a nasty curveball hit it and I
    didn’t feel whatever thing. I tartan to see if it was broken but it wasn’t! I
    like this product and really recommend it.

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    I reckon it can be used in football

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    i dont get why everyone has it up when they are on the field, that offers
    no protection.

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    How do you know what size to get?

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    its all about lookin excellent bro

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    Can it be used in football?