Homemade Lift Table for atv snowmobile motorcycles riding tractors etc


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    Don’t worry dude this was just the prototype. You have given alot of those
    the ideal. So thanks, I’m off to build one. :)

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    Excellent design, but looks a small flimsy. I’d go with thicker, stronger steel
    when making mine. And although I thought of the winch thought initially, I’m
    changing my design to using a screw jack instead, so I can use my drill to
    lift it and save on buying the winch. I will be making some type of locking
    mechanism for protection reasons also. Thanks for the vid!

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    Grade 8 bolt is strongest for your protection. They often come in yellow.
    Hinges under the plywood deck is a plus for protection.

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    Someone mentioned you could increase power by adding a crane at the table
    end. I ‘d also recommend a way to lock so it won’t collapse.I’m thinking a
    detachable “V” bar on the rear of the platform at an incline angle.

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    To those who wants to build one like this.

    Fantastic job on this scheme. I would recommend minimum moving parts for
    protection if others are thinking of building one. To do this, build a table
    and a ramp out of wood. To save space, the legs of the table and the ramp
    can be detachable. Legs shouldn’t be detachable if you’re new to carpentry.
    Use the winch to pull the vehicle up. If it is a low-riding vehicle, use a
    “see saw ramp” with a winch attached. A manual worm screw winch or a hoist
    has auto stop can prevent free runs. I believe hoist is safer, but cost
    more. Build so bottom of your machine is accessible thru the use of 8×2

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    glad you like it.

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    Yea, looks a lil terrifying. I’m all for building stuff. But there is protection to
    consider too. Just check out Complete Hydraulics for some very decent price
    and quality lifts for nearly $700.

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    excellent job, been thinking about one of these myself. i was going to take the
    simple way out and buy one but after watching your vid i’m gonna have to
    build one.

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    Hey man nice work! WHen you work out all the bugs you should upload another
    video. Maybe paint it up and stencil on some logos like ‘Ariens’ or ‘JD’.
    Cheers bud. Rob

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    excellent job bud a small refinen ul be excellent to go

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    Nice design.

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    thats cool man but i don’t know the need of lifting the mower where u
    can’t get under the deck or take the wheels off. i would take the middle
    part out and place some cross bars in so u can get under the deck with out
    taking the deck off, but its cool and believe it or not it works

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    “it is what it is” mm ..ok tighten the bolts man, do that first.. excellent
    scheme congrats

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    Fantastic job bud! You just saved me my a whole pay cheque. I had something
    like this in mind, but never had time. After watching this vid, I reckon I’m
    gonna go to the hardware store this weekend and grab some metal beam and
    weld me one. Excellent job again thanks for the upload.. :)

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    fantastic job man, A small rough but that’s inventing for you, a lot to work
    out first time round but next time you know how to improve it, well done, I
    reckon I will give it a go myself thanks for the post

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    Dude thats fantastic would I reach under it, no but it does the job. You might
    reckon about putting larger pins instead of bolts over time that looks like
    a weakness

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    “I was just dieing to see if this worked,…” yeah, you nearly died,….
    dude,… end the job previous to you test it,…WTF,…! “Mommy,… daddy
    crushed himself and a BudLight under that thingy he was building,…”

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    fantastic job…you thought outside the box… had to have saved some money too
    i bet.

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    fantastic job it would be excellent if you could make platforms for the wheels to
    sit in and have the bottom open to work on the blades or remoce the deck.

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    this is awesome i give you a thumbs up and fantastic job

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    Upload a update video. I need to build one.

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    i added some rear supports so it doesn’t squat any longer previous to it starts to
    come up ( look at the rear at 1:59 to see it squat in the rear). i also
    added larger diameter bolts washers and tightened everything up as well as
    mounted the winch with all the hardware. it works surpass now. I have been
    using it several times a day and i really like it.

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    look at the mojack mower lifts for more thoughts