Leatt Chest Protector Adventure Lite


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    Does all braces (the older ones) fit comfortable with this?

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    Is it doable to have the chest protector under th jersey but subdue have
    the brace outside the jersey?

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    does this work well if i wear it under my jersey and wear the neck brace as
    well? like it be comfortable and allow a decent amount of movement???
    because right now i just use the brace with out chest protector so i get
    smashed with roost haha. i suppose i will need money if i want to buy

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    I rode with it last night at the track, i will go write a review right now!

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    Fantastic question! The Chest Protector Lite will work with all older Leatt
    models of the neck braces, and many other brands (such as alpinestars) as
    well. Hope this helps! -Drysen

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    Hey, I really like this chest protector but will have to go with the
    alpinestars bionic neck support for a neck race. Will the leatt chest
    protector fit with the alpinestars neck brace?

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    Sounds Awesome! I will certainly go with this one then. Thanks!

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    i want to buy this protector for downhill mountainbiking. how is the protection
    of the back protector?

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    Hi batuSORZ! I would say it is more comfortable mainly because the 3DF foam
    padding has surpass air channels, which keeps you cooler while riding. As
    for size and shape, it’s really pretty similar, and is really a tad bit
    heavier, due to the 3DF padding being more dense. But, I believe the
    airflow makes up for the weight. Hope this helps! -Drysen

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    Thank you for the Response, I bought the Pro Lite today!

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    Hello! Is the “Pro” version of the chest protector more comfortable than
    the “habitual” version? I read that the Pro version has 3df,but dont know if
    the only difference is the wieght.

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    Awesome! Just remember, after you give it some “real world” testing, head
    back to the DK website and write a review and you’re entered for a chance
    to win a $100 DK gift card. If you surrender it with a photo or video, you
    could win a $150 DK gift card! Delight in your Leatt products! -Drysen

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    I modified my adventure into this and was wondering if I should stay with
    this, or go to a Thor sentinel…?

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    The main difference is the Leatt Pro Lite Protector uses Leatt’s new 3DF
    foam. This gives it a much higher impact rating and that allows it to meet
    higher protection standards, and impact levels, giving you over all surpass
    protection. Personally, I’d spend the extra money for the 3DF foam.
    Otherwise, both are fantastic comfortable, light weight options that can be
    worn above or below your jersey. Hope this helps! -Drysen

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    Fantastic question! After talking to our product manager, he said that the two
    should work together without any issues. If you go that route, don’t forget
    to write us a review on the Dennis Kirk website! -Drysen

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    Guys, please, make a review of a Leatt Body Protector Adventure (full
    pressure suit). There is currently no reviews on that item. Thanks.

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    Awesome! After you try it out, be sure to write a review on denniskirk
    (dot) com, and let other people know what you personally reckon of it. BTW –
    We place all of our monthly reviews into a drawing to win a $100 Dennis Kirk
    gift card. Add a photo and video, and (if your name is drawn) it’s $150!

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    Certainly! I just recommend making sure your Jersey isn’t too tight.

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    Hey Ernest! We don’t believe in stupid questions. The Leatt Chest Protector
    will work certainly work for downhill biking. It’s designed to take a 60
    mph beating, it’s lightweight, and probably tougher then something you
    could get at the bike shop. Let us know how it works for you! -Drysen

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    Nice!! No matter what you choose on, just remember to write a product
    review. If you surrender a review, your name goes into a drawing to receive a
    $100 gift card. If the winning review includes a photo or a video, it’s a
    $150 DK shopping spree. Thanks for shopping with Dennis Kirk!

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    Could you wear that without the neck brace and underneath t-shirts?

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    Should a Leatt GPX Race neck brace work excellent with this chest protector?

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    If I like (hope not) fall on my back like from a a small jump will this
    protect me? I mean like will it protect me surpass then other chest
    protectors out there (beside the Pro one) ? I really need help since I got
    ride of those jacket protection and am a small sceptic ?

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    Certainly! The Leatt PGX Race Neck Brace and the Chest Protector Adventure
    lite will work hand in hand together. -Drysen