Sena (GP10-01) GoPro Bluetooth Pack


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    Crystal clear motovlogging with your GoPro!, July 22, 2014
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    This review is from: Sena (GP10-01) GoPro Bluetooth Pack (Automotive)

    Customer Video Review Part:: 4:05 Mins

    ♦ Brief ♦

    The ‘Bluetooth Audio Pack’ by Sena provides a fantastic way to wirelessly record commentary over your videos with any Bluetooth headset, this means less wires & more versatility when it comes to mounting options.

    The GP10 boasts up to “100 meters” in array and an ‘Ultra HD’ voice recording mode with compatible headsets, giving you amazingly clear voice-overs or your videos.

    ♦ Box Contents ♦

    Bluetooth Audio Pack | Frame Case | Audio Connector.

    This product doesn’t come with a charging cable, in fact it uses the exact same charging cable as the GoPro (mini-USB).

    I would highly recommend the GP10-02 as this includes the waterproof housing.

    ♦ Compatibility ♦

    GoPro Cameras: GoPro Hero 3 & GoPro Hero 3+.

    Bluetooth headsets: Sena Bluetooth headsets* & non-Sena Bluetooth headsets.

    * Ultra HD voice recording is only available with Sena products.

    ♦ Set-Up ♦

    - Initial set-up:

    1) Place the Bluetooth Audio Pack into the back of the GoPro by sliding the hooked end into the groove on the GoPro, then inserting the other end into the bus port of the GoPro.
    2) Link the GoPro & Bluetooth audio pack together using the audio connector.
    3) Enclose them with the official Sena frame case.

    - Pairing:

    Pairing is extremely unadorned.

    1) Turn the power switch on the Bluetooth audio pack to “ON”.
    2) Press & hold the pairing button for rougly 5 seconds; the LED will sparkle blue & red.
    3) Sena Headsets: Place your headset into pairing mode and they will connect automatically.
    3) Non-Sena Headset: Enable the hands-free pairing mode of your headset.
    4) The LED should be flashing blue which means the two are connected.

    Once they’re paired, they will automatically connect every time they’re both on. Within my experience, I found the two connected quicker when the audio pack is twisted on after the headset was.

    - Audio Source Mixer:

    There are a few combinations that can be done to effect the audio output:

    1) *OFF – **OFF: No audio source.
    2) *OFF – **ON: Just Bluetooth pack domestic mic enabled.
    3) *ON – **OFF: Just Bluetooth mic enabled.
    4) *ON – **ON: Both Bluetooth pack & microphone enabled.

    * Power Switch.
    ** Mic Switch.

    If you’re travelling at some speed, I would highly recommend you set the Bluetooth pack to transmit the headset audio only, this is because the domestic mic will drown out the headset mic audio. When you’re not moving nearly, if you have the GoPro nearby, not only will it pick up your voice from the Bluetooth mic, but the domestic mic also which causes slight echoing.

    ♦ Audio Quality ♦

    - General Use:

    To a certain extent, the audio quality will really depend on the headset you’re using. I was using Sena’s own 20S Bluetooth headset and I thought the quality was pretty excellent, but the quality really stood out when the UHD voice recording was enabled. This is when the audio became stunningly crisp and clear, in fact I really preferred the audio quality compared to my Sony AS100VR which I use with a wired mic, though the AS100 outputs a bit surpass when it comes to volume.

    - Intercom Use:

    One of my favourite features is the skill to record your intercom conversation (up to three people). The one minor thing about thing feature is that the conversation isn’t so balanced in quality, for example; if I’m the one who is directly connected to the GP10, my voice quality will be very high in quality, whereas my friends voice which is clear enough, seems to be of less quality. That said, to even have a device that can record an intercom conversation over your video footage is pretty awesome.

    ♦ Final Attitude ♦

    Whilst you can get extra add-ons to enable the GoPro for vlogging via wired connection, due to the GoPro not having a 3.5mm mic port, you’ll need to get an adaptor which just adds to the wired mess.

    With this product, you’re not only getting crisp voice recording quality (depending on your headset), you’re also getting rid of all the wires which means more versatility in mounting options.

    This I can imagine will be very well loved amongst people who own a GoPro Hero 3/3+ and want to get into motovlogging.

    ✔ Pros:
    ✓ Real time voice transfer.
    ✓ Wireless audio recording means less wires.
    ✓ Intercom conversation recording.
    ✓ Audio quality with UHD voice recording is incredible.
    ✓ Can be used, even when using a fully waterproof camera housing.

    ✖ Cons:
    ✘ Domestic mic overwhelms headset audio when using both settings.
    ✘ Intercom conversation…

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    Super Clear Recording!!, June 27, 2014

    This review is from: Sena (GP10-01) GoPro Bluetooth Pack (Automotive)
    I like this small item it let’s me record with smallest sounds from the Dirt bike coming through while Vlogging and also allows my husband to talk too through our Sena Intercom and the sound is subdue crystal clear while he’s riding his Motorcyle, Awesome product it also came pretty quick too.


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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    This goes fantastic with the gopro and the Sena SMH 10, December 4, 2014

    Verified Buy(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Sena (GP10-01) GoPro Bluetooth Pack (Automotive)
    This goes fantastic with the gopro and the Sena SMH 10. When riding solo it will be on ultra HD mode which records your voice at a quality far above what I imagined. Having it on and recording a dirtbike ride was incredible, I was narrating the video and watching it back afterwards I realized I didn’t need to talk as loud as I was. It picks up voice incredibly clear and doesn’t get drowned out by whatever thing else (like a 650cc dirt bike engine). I did notice during a speed run that I couldn’t hear myself back in the video due to wind noise, but that’s to be expected with whatever thing on a dirt bike helmet, they don’t keep wind out, it would probably honest well with a closed street helmet though. If you’re talking over the sena’s with another person, it records in ordinary voice mode, which is basically exactly how you hear the other person talking and how the other person hears you. Lastly: If you have the gopro pack on, you can’t listen to music via your buzz, mildly inconvenient having to turn the switch off and on, but that’s my only problem with this pack so that really speaks to the quality of it. When my only complaint isn’t even really a huge deal, you know it’s a fantastic product.


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