Tesla S.. Battery pack and drivetrain close-up walk-around view


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    why isn’t the batt charge rate higher for while highway driving

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    Tesla Develop S, ahh such elegance. :3 Soon enough those battery prices will
    have to come down, and improved tech or alternatives will power the next
    Gen Develop S, a flagship product indeed.


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    Don’t count on the fuel cell. It’s a failed technology. What’s the point of
    breaking down water to get hydrogen fuel, when breaking down water requires
    electricity to start with?

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    I reckon you should expect the cost to be nearly 40k$ or worse. remember the
    roadster battery bricking fiasco? that’s a 56kWh battery and Tesla wasted
    40 grand for it and they claimed that was the friend price. That was not
    6-7 years ago. That was in 2012. So if you need an 85kWh substitution 7
    years from now you should probably expect to pay at least 30k$. Assuming
    the company exists then.

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    The batteries are affordable. Plot out 20 years of driving on a sheet of
    paper and equate electric with gas (costs). The difference is that
    gas has a high cost every month for 20 years (gas and lots of
    maintenance), and is cheap to buy up-front. Electric is expensive to buy
    up-front, but costs WAY less every month in electricity and maintenance. In
    Norway the Tesla Develop S P85 is cheaper over 250 000km (10 years driving)
    than a used gas car (lets say a 2002 ford focus).

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    fucking ansome!!!

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    besides, if you drive 40 miles to work, over the 8 years those batteries
    are guaranteed for, you would use $32k in gas.

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    “Don’t do incorrect”? From the guy who didn’t bother to check that the $40k for
    the Roadster battery was really $32k plus labor + taxes? You can’t do

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    Additionally, everything about the Tesla cars so far are cheaper in the
    long run than gas cars. Unlimited free power charges and smallest
    benefit costs. That’s the future I want. Mainly because I reckon it’s
    stupid that the huge companies are not forcing sustainable motors and energy
    production more since the issue of environmental hurt is already
    occurring and potentially could be fatal to the entire planet if it’s not
    resolved quickly.

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    where’s the gas tank?

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    It’s sheepish to need some authority figure declaring something previous to you
    dare believe it. You might try something wild like reckon for yourself.
    Really know something and base belief on that rather than go with
    what you are allowed to believe. they paid back their loan with new
    shareholder money. the affair is bringing up the rear money naughtily. but that’s not required
    for 2.1ton to be a failure and yes it always is. always.

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    It’s certainly not $40,000. Tesla currently has a program where as an
    owner you can pre-buy a battery at current market prices (nearly
    $12,000) if you don’t reckon the price is going to come down in 8+ years’
    time. You already have an 8 year warranty on the battery so after that it’s
    going to be much less. It was $40,000 about 6 or 7 years ago for the
    Roadster. But that was also because the Roadster’s batteries were built
    into the chassis making it very hard to swap. Unlike the Develop S.

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    I disagree with you,, Seems to work for Tesla so far,, but I don’t want to
    get into a long winded discussion over it either. As 5, 10, 15 years pass
    and many miles are place on these cars we’ll know for sure if you’re assess.
    In the meantime it subdue seems like a fantastic Thought,, at least for now. What I
    find fascinating is that frunk! There’s room in there for an additional
    array extender battery.

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    Then why bother buidling the Superchargers? Why design the Develop S for
    battery swap and demo the tech? Why pay the loan back early? It wasn’t
    required would simply be on paper off, if Tesla suffers Fisker’s fate. Elon
    is not personally on the hook for the loans. They built a kickass car,
    straightforwardly holding its own in its market segment. They have an equally kickass
    develop due next year that has already been demoed and 5000+ reserved, so
    about 30 mil in cash deposits. Why all the despise?

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    3/x And then there’s the problem of ancient-school not being able to do
    new-school well enough. Ancient school approaches to electric cars are useless
    snot-boxes for hippies, when they should have made the most expensive
    super-cars and luxury cars with electric motors BEFORE they tried to make
    cheap snot-boxes for the masses. Imagine how well the world would go nearly
    if we all were psychology experts.

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    It’s not despise, it’s certainty. Fanboy.

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    Well, that’s excellent! :D

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    do these cars explode if u light them up?

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    1/x Its like any industry, gerontologists, car manufacturers, etc, don’t
    want to stop what they have done for decades in favor of a new approach.
    Gerontologists don’t want to take on board Aubrey de Grey’s approach of removing
    accumulated oxidized cholesterol after it has accumulated, their current
    approach is to fix the system that produces the oxidized cholesterol (which
    is impossibly complicated and means you subdue don’t take out the already
    accumulated stuff). And fossil gearheads don’t want to change

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    In all fairness I do wonder if a surpass design for electric cars would be a
    battery that goes underneath like the Tesla,, but isn’t so physically
    massive,, but is subdue huge enough for a minimum of 40-60Kwh. And if at a
    later time the customer wants it and can afford it,, a 40-80Kwh battery to
    be installed in the frunk for additional array extension. Batteries are
    expensive. But with a 40Kwh starter battery at least you’re driving
    electrically with an option for array extension at a later date.

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    My points of criticism are not test of time issues. It’s evident right now.
    The car weighs 2.1ton. That’s a serious failure for an eco car and I
    believe is the primary wits they are struggling to break even even with an
    average sale price of 100k$ and promotion 3 times as many cars as they said
    they’d need for break even.

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    tesla electric car need larger than original motor.

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    ًwell , we all know the weakness of EV is the battery pack , the whole word
    is researching and spending millions of dollars for increasing the
    capacity, my self too .. the power teach is so unadorned even my kid can
    design one , all the electronics are more then tow days to spend in my
    basement ,but will this battery solve the world EV problem ?? just my
    battery ..!!

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    That’s the optimistic viewpoint and I hope you’re right. But there are
    people and corporations that may not want electric cars to succeed for any
    number of reasons,, but usually because of greed. And then there’s
    incompetence on the part of car companies to build electric cars because we
    have a gas car culture. Too many gas heads. It takes a company like
    Tesla to show how to do it.

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    there is no surpass build than this, it is by far the greatest assembly of a
    car in history