Awesome new military tires & wheels on Humvee


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    Where do I get these tires? Oh my god life sucks so terrible I want cut off my
    dick and shove it up my own ass then spurt my self in the head.

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    waste of excellent money and brains. investing money and brains researching
    something thats more of a benefit to human society would have been much
    surpass. very sad. this is what taxpayer money funding.

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    they should do this for all vehicle tires XD

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    save a man who then can kill 3 others? which life should be saved? Ofc the
    media controls who is the excellent one and whos the terrible one. America is lucky
    to have such shape on media.

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    I reckon those r airless tires

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    If this saves one soldiers life than it is a benefit to society. But isnt
    it kind of ironic you can make such a comment on the INTERNET?

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    Notice those wheels are on non armored. Also…what excellent are these wheels
    for humvee’s if we don’t even use them in a combat zone any longer. Make stuff
    I could really use on my trucks damnit! Rah Motor T!

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    Hey I got an thought. How about you enlist, wear full body armor, drive a
    humvee without these tires in a convoy and get a flat when under fire,
    change the tire by yourself while worrying about another hit, practive
    self aid buddy care on fallen friends (all this in 140 degrees F), and then
    we will talk about the benefits to human society. I wonder how sad it will
    be then. Reckon previous to you post

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    oh really?

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    that’s called tweel – wiki/Tweel