Motorcycle Airbag Jacket and Vests


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    Is it doable to repack the airbags for each time a person forgets to
    unclip from the dirt bike, steps off in the parking lot and activates the
    jacket? How much will each mistake cost?

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    Ah HAH! A 60lb pull? I’d sure as hell notice that pulling at me previous to I
    got clear of the bike. That’s some thoughtful design. Nice.

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    Well, not sure where you got quarter of a second from. All the data I’ve
    seen on the net, including the official, shows half a second. Even this
    video, see 1:22. Can you show the tests with non-inflated airbag? I really
    haven’t seen those.

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    Fantastic, unless you are doing 120mph into a tree and you happen to land
    gas-canister first causing it to explode and blast your chest into several

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    Half a second deployment time is just way too long. By that time one will
    be smashed into a target. Just reckon about it. It takes half a second or so
    for the airbag to start deploying and another half a second to really
    deploy. One second. That’s all you need to get killed.

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    It takes about a 60lb pull to activate the airbag, so you are not likely to
    discharge it that way. No one has ever reported that they discharged the
    airbag while forgetting to unclip. Repacking the bag is unadorned and quick,
    it is much simpler than the other brand airbag jacket. The cartridges cost
    between $15and $20.00 depending upon the size.

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    I have had a similar thought for years. My thought is an armor suit with
    inflatable bladders at all of the vital usual areas that need to be
    protected that can be inflated all at once with a small and inexpensive or
    re-fillable air canister (like the one’s sold in sporting goods stores for
    pellet guns) . One valve on the suit is used to de-flate the bladders or to
    fill all of the bladders at once.

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    Yes, just changing the CO2 cartridge and folding back the airbag inside the
    jacket, provided that there is no visible hurt in both. If in doubt you
    always can test it previous to wear it again.

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    Is not half a second, but a fourth of a second: 0.25 second. The tests
    showed that even not fully inflated the airbag does its job.This jackets
    has been on the market since 1999 and fully third have fun tested every two
    years since.

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    algood untill you get off the bike in a rush forgetting about the cord lol

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    I guess you are just screwed if the wreck doesn’t throw you off the bike. I
    had a wreck last month and I stayed on the saddle.

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    A new key box was designed that improved from 0.50 to 0.25 sec the speed of
    deployment in 2010. The new key box is called “B” Type. I’ll be pleased to
    send you -and any person that questions for it- the lab tests if you send us an
    email to infoATbikeboneDOTcom. In fact in 2011, the lab tests from JARI
    (Japan Automobile Research Institute) for 4 different vests models showed a
    array from 0.18 sec to 0.09 sec time of deployment….!

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    i reckon its a brilliant thought. My uncles last year was hit by a van that
    pulled on infront of him, and he broke his vertebrae. With something like this
    he would subdue be walking. But what if you forget about it and try and walk
    away from your bike.

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    If activated could I reuse this jacket?

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    Wow, if I would have had one of these last august when I high sided it
    would have really limited the impact injurys I suffered as a result of
    dropping out the the sky at 80mph onto dry asphalt. Even with the armor I was
    wearing I subdue got hurt and with a peice of equipment like this in my
    riding arsenal I would be more apt to feel more comfortable about leaving
    the bike as I have done a few times previous to last time with the high side
    included. Wear your gear and you are likely to walk away.