SixSixOne MX-3 Camber Adult Knee Brace Off-Road/Dirt Bike Motorcycle Body Armor – White/Black / Medium

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    Excellent mid-priced brace with compromises, September 21, 2012

    This review is from: SixSixOne MX-3 Curvature Adult Knee Brace Off-Road/Dirt Bike Dirt bike Body Armor – White/Black / Ordinary
    Question any adrenaline junkie who has had a serious knee injury if the risk they took was worth it and they will probably say NO. A knee injury is a huge set back. An ACL injury can take up to a year to heal after surgical intervention. That’s an entire year not being able to participate in your chosen sport.

    There is subdue some disagreement whether hinged braces will adequately protect the wearer from ACL injuries which occur with an abrupt and dynamic shift in direction of the knee. As someone who has gone through the injury, surgery, and now long road of rehab I would say a hinged knee brace may not perfectly prevent a knee injury but it will give you a higher level of protection than something like a knee pad, or knee guard.

    The hinge gives the wearer fore and aft movement but protects the knee from lateral movement. A excellent hinged knee brace will also provide support. It is not only a excellent investment previous to the injury but is a necessity to protect the knee from further hurt if you have an existing knee injury.

    I have tried a lot of knee braces including medically recommended DonJoy, inexpensive Mueller, high-end POD MX-700, and now the middle of the pack SixSixOne MX-3 Curvature.

    If you have, or trying to avoid rotational injuries, like ACL and meniscus injuries forget about those appalling neoprene sleeved knee braces. The neoprene just does not isolate the femur and tibia well enough. I really slipped and injured my knee even more a week after I tore my ACL and meniscus because the stupid full-part Donjoy neoprene hinged brace didn’t protect against rotations. Do not get a neoprene brace if you are trying to avoid, or currently suffering, a terrible knee injury.

    If you want thorough protection then opt for a framed knee brace like a CTI, POD MX-700, or SixSixOne MX-3. They will cost more but it’s worth it.

    To cut to the chase, the SixSixOne is a step above a neoprene hinged brace like the Donjoys, but is not as refined as a POD MX-700. The POD MX-700’s carbon fiber makes it incredibly light, the hinge is smooth, and the patella guard is removeable so you can use it as a medical brace underneath your work clothes, or as a sports brace. It’s a brilliant design and highly recommended if you can afford it.

    The aluminum framed SixSixOne MX-3 Curvature, on the other hand, is noticeably heavier than the POD MX-700, and hinge action nowhere as smooth. Another con about the MX-3 Curvature is that the patella cup is not removeable. While you could certainly use it as a medical brace for everyday wear, it will show noticeably through your pant leg.

    Pluses for the SixSixOne MX-3 Curvature is that it isolates the femur and tibia very well to help prevent rotational injuries. I would rate the three strap Curvature on par with the 4-strap and much pricier POD MX-700. Another bonus of the SixSixOne is that it is dirt cheap compared to its competitors including the POD.

    If you participate in high risk sports like motocross, mountain biking, bmx’ing, skateboarding, where knee injuries are waiting nearly the corner, then do yourself a favor and get a pair of hinged knee braces. At minimum, get these SixSixOne MX-3 Cambers which is probably cheaper than that dirt bike, mountain bike, or high end skateboard you are riding. It’s a small investment to protect you against serious injuries that may take you out of the sport you like doing.

    These knee braces are not the best out there on the market but they are affordable, and work well. Based on this I would recommend it as an affordable framed hinged knee brace. With all knee braces, just make sure you get the proper sizing.


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