Motorcycle Wheelies Running From COPS Escapes POLICE CHASE Bike VS Cop VIDEO ROC Ride Of The Century


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    Group of idiots making bullshit

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    Every one of those idiots need to loose their license.

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    I really don’t care if this is for your thrill, your enjoyment, or your
    freedom… This is being an ass, you’re not driving that way because you
    want to be alive, you drive that way because you reckon you’re cool. There’s
    plenty of other bike owners who own bikes who don’t run from cops, and
    break the law. Reckless is reckless, whether I peel out in my C5 or you do
    a fucking wheelie… I lost one of my excellent friends to him running from
    police like you dick heads, he was on his Busa, hit some sand and gravel
    that cause the bike to wobble, flung off and he died… Did he die for his
    freedom, or did he die because he thought he could be a badass, evade the
    police and be a cool guy? Even though he’s my friend, his last moments were
    foolish. You guys are stupid and I seriously hope WHEN you fall, you don’t
    injure anyone.

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    All of you are idiots!

    Your “Freedom” and “Thrill” is putting the public at risk. Pros on road
    courses fall. So you idiots on public roads with uneven pavement are
    putting yourselves and the public at risk.

    You make riders look terrible, mainly those that like sport bikes. 

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    If none of you like riding, or motorcycles why IN THE FUCK are you on here
    pissing and bitching like a bunch of hormonal cunts… Gtfo of here this is
    manly man shit

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    Do not try at home…try on highways.

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    For you pricks thats are bitching…stfu because you wouldnt be watching
    this if you didnt reckon this was awesome.

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    I was hoping this punk would fall off the bike id laugh my ass off,stupid

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    JIust CLOWNING the shit out of that coop!! When i got caught for a wheelie
    –i pulled right over! STILL got a reckless driving, dis orderly conduct,
    so i may as well should have just kept going on and let THE WHEELIE LIVE!
    YOU are going to get crucified anyway!! I said in court that i was only
    doing it because i had a flat front tire–which was TRUE! lol,,..

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    Guy has no proper biking gear on, he is just a NARCISSIST #showoff 

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    I’m sure that’s not even a cop. It’s just one of their buddies with a
    siren light plugged into their cigarette lighter, lol

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    I dnt see the white forefathers your describing? They were idiots and had
    no respect for anyone else. Thats how they got the country.

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    Plot twist. He was really stuck and didn’t know how to get down of the
    wheelie he wasn’t being disrespectful. lmao

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    Mister Police Detective, if a dumbass bigshot biker tries to hinder you with
    his bike, just jank the steeringwheel in his direction, he either moves on
    his own, or your car will make him :D

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    It was amusing, but outright not smart and perilous. But amusing.

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    What’s the huge deal if they fall is their problem, people do stupid shit
    they like, these guys are just adrenaline junkies. Cops profile skaters 4
    just having fun skating in the street too, oh but you’ll build lanes for am
    idiot holding up transfer signaling with his arm, how hypocritical

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    A man in Massachusetts was doing this and lost control . He ran into a lady
    with a stroller . Killed her and the baby. 

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    People die every day, some from ancient age, some from sickness, some from
    war or the consequences of war and some from chaotic trips to the wide
    side. These adrenalin endued acts are not designed to hurt innocent
    people and although they could if something goes incorrect, so can a lot of
    other things. Nuclear power plants, jet’s flying over cities, gas lines
    being run under people’s homes, water being dammed up, electrical wires
    being strung in plain site, experimental medications hustled through
    doctor’s offices, gas trucks driving trough towns. People do things to try
    to make life more comfortable and everybody is wired differently and
    everybody responds differently to actions. These riders do what they like
    to keep their hearts beating and smiles flowing. This detective ignorantly
    respects the government’s law more than human life, for he dangerously ran
    up on a wildly focused man of balance with hundreds of hours of experience
    on one wheel and tried to rattle him, hoping he was going to all of a
    sudden politely pull over to the side of the road and accept a thrashing.
    If you want to slow down the death ratio on roads, you don’t it
    primitively, you do it gracefully. Two wrongs may not make a right, but
    two rights will get you going backwards. Respect my wide side.

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    I pull on exhaust/power commander liter bikes all day long on the highway.
    Take your pic of manufacturer. And my straight line toy is……..wait for
    it….a Honda! OnfgballZ But seriously 2026lbs and 718whp pulls hard. 

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    i despise biker fags pull a wheelie next to me and watch me not swerve into
    you cocksucker i promise i will. fucking endanger my life because you wanna
    be a cool guy and recklessly fling nearly a 500lbs+ bike yeah im swerving
    at you. i have friends that ride and i ride motocross occasionally so i get
    the bike thing its a freeing experience but again dont be a fucking

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    He may have gotten away. what about this bike he left behind ? had to be
    registered to someone ?

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    As other riders try to block the cops? dude get real, one small nudge from
    a cop car against one of them puny bikes, and that bike rider is history,
    you can’t block a cop car with a dirt bike, whahaha

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    I hope you all die from road rash scraping your heads off, that is all

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    Hey Peter.. Mother and daughter killed in a head-on collision with a
    motorcyclist in November.. WHERE IS IT.. Proof? I subdue can’t find it